Source Code Reveals Details about Microsoft’s Event

Tags in the source code of Microsoft’s event page reveals probably a range of products presented in the next month.

Microsoft has sent out invitations to the event on 6 October in New York, including, Microsoft has created a Web page that describes how to look in on live-stream from the event.

But perhaps the website reveals more than what Microsoft had intended.

The headline is: “We have as exciting news two share about 10 Windows devices“-And someone has evidently been a little too excited, for WMPower user describes how source code to the website may reveal little more than Microsoft had intended. 

We could of course not stand for, so we’ve also been inside and take a look at the source code of the Web page.

In particular two lines capturing fast opværksomheden:

Join us on Oct 6th 2015 two stream the Microsoft Devices announcement. Sign up now.

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Of course, nothing is certain, but if we are to take the above as an expression of what is being presented on 6. October we will probably get to see a new version of the Microsoft Band, a new Surface and new (e) Lumia mobiles.

On the concept of “Windows 10 devices” refers to the presentation of other products is not to learn, but look even in the source code, or follow the event on 6. October.