Sony Smartwatch 2-a Smart Clock on Track

TEST: Smartwatch 2 from Sony is worth a look, if you want to test whether smartwatches is something for you.

The next few years we will get to talk much about the so-called “Wearable gadgets”. So the electronics built into the things we can take on.

The first step in this direction, we are seeing at the moment with smartwatches as Samsung Galaxy Gear, and not least Sony Smartwatch 2, which is the second generation from the Japanese manufacturer.

The idea is, in brief, that the phone can be in your pocket, while you are reading the most important information directly on the arm. In the meantime how smartphones and phablets have reached a size which in some situations makes them unmanageable, it seems smart clock, as an excellent idea-at least on paper.

Good hardware for fair price

Samsung’s first bid for a smartwatch, Galaxy Gear, has a suggested price of nearly 3,000 dollars, but Sony’s can be acquired much cheaper. I’ve seen the device down to about 1,000 dollars, something that must be said to be a reasonable price.

Smartwatch 2 comes with 1.6 “LCD screen that has a resolution of 220 x 176 pixels. There is talk about a “transflective display”, which can live without background lighting, as the light from the surroundings are captured and reflected inside the screen.

Specifically, you can so do without that “turn on the screen” and the backlight as it is possible, even at low light, to see what time it is. For, after all! It can also show time. You can choose between several different clock faces, so you can get an expression on the Smartwatch 2 to suit your style and personality.

Agency’s different functions are operated with the backlight turned on, but it is brilliant that you constantly have the clock promotion, so it’s not a dead device that sits on the arm.

The screen is not, in itself, flashy, but meets fine need and solve the task. You do not have the brightness turned up fairly high, then one fine and without problems, can see what it says, even though the level is set at 30 percent.

Sony’s gadgetur has Bluetooth 3.0 and NFC, used for mating with a new smartphone. On the left side is standard USB connector for charging located under a small protective flap. It is really smart, the device can be charged with the common charger for your phone, without having to bring your extra equipment, as is the case with Samsung.

Fits well on the arm

My arm is not built for the Samsung Galaxy Gear. On the other hand, fits Sony Smartwatch 2 quite well. Unlike Gear sits the electronics inside the watch case, which is made of aluminum, and not in the strap. A delicious soft silikonerem Smartwatch 2 get to sit well.

In addition, the strap is replaced with other watch straps, as long as they have 24 mm mounting interface. Sony have in their range, many different colors of belts, including a couple of pieces of leather.

The design looks passable, and the size of 49 x 41 x 9 mm is quite sensible. The weight is only 122 grams.It is clear that design cannot be compared with the true clock designs, but Sony’s points in a right direction.

Smartwatch 2 is certified IP57, so it is dust-proof and, not least, waterproof (30 minutes at 1 meter of water). You must not use it as a diver’s Watch, but if you come in contact with water, do not arise in panic. In addition, the screen surface is scratch resistant.

Understandable user interface

The Watch has a very simple interface and seen in relation to the existence of an advanced device, is it actually also intuitive. Sony has hit the spot here. The shortcuts are sitting in a grid of 2 x 3 elements, and switching by dragging the screen to right – exactly as the user interface on the Android system in General.

Sony has incorporated a topgardin, if the latest notifications can be read. So again as Android in its basic form is conceived.

There is no option to customize pretty much, from the user’s page. The icons are located where they do. The clock face has, however, a number of options, but via Google Play Great, can you download more. You should be aware that some urdesigns costs money.

A great many apps

Itself is Sony Smartwatch 2 a stupid clock, there can only be a clock. But when the phone is nearby, expands its functionality, so there will be an extension of one’s smartphone.

Here plays an important role, and Sony apps have a huge advantage, because since their first smartwatch, there developed many applications. Up to 200 should there be.

From communication interface on the phone, can search for compatible apps, and they are installed on the clock with just a few clicks. I have even installed the Gmail support, Endomondo, call handing, as well as a small app named Mode changer that makes it possible from the clock, putting the phone on vibrating or mute.

Are you using wireless headset, it’s very cool that it directly from the watch, is possible to call a contact. On the way, will be also an expansion of functions, the Smartwatch on one’s headset.

Compared to what exists of apps for the Samsung Galaxy Gear, is Sony in front, but they also saw the second generation in the market.

Sony has put an alarm clock that works pretty well, directly into the clock, which can be used without the phone is nearby.

Works with many phones

Sony Smartwatch 2 functions in principle with most Android phones, just the minimum running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, so also here takes Sony connector home. I think multi compatibility is an important thing, because the Agency cannot therefore must be discarded, if you buy a phone from another manufacturer.

I’ve successfully run the Smartwatch 2 together with both Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Nexus 5.

Be aware that some applications to the Agency, does not work optimally on all phones. For example, the Exchange mail app works as Sony itself suggests, not with all phones. Gmail works on the other hand, wide on the various devices.

Reasonable battery life

Sony claims that their smartwatch can run for seven days, without charging by easy use. This may be too optimistic, since the clock some over the purchased to be used.

But 3-5 days, has not been a problem for me-of course depending on what what I have used it for, and how much.

As mentioned earlier in the test, so can make power on Sony Smartwatch 2 with the regular charger, and this is clearly one of the biggest pluses, about the design of this product.

Conclusion: I’m crazy about the idea

I’m in the segment for smart watches, when their expression and design will be better. It’s like with the first smartphones that looked like geek products. Such is it with smartwatches right now – even if they are nice, they are still very tech-oriented.

But it’s going to come, and I am crazy about the idea of having the phone stored away, and get the most important information on the arm.

Sony Smartwatch 2 has no camera, or the possibility of using it as a speakerphone, as is the case with Samsung Galaxy Gear. But it has a nicer expression, and many downloadable applications. In addition, it works widely across many devices.

It is good that the Agency can always be turned on, without emptying your battery, which is in fact holding on to flow quite well. The screen has a low resolution, but it must not be stressed out over, since it actually performs the task quite well.

Unfortunately, the user interface may well hang a bit, and an additional pressure may be necessary before a function to respond – Fortunately it only intermittently.

The price is reasonable, so if you want to try out the concept is Sonys smartwatch is a good place to start.

The character ends up on 4 out of 6 stars. Producers must work harder with this product category, to score more points.