Sneaker Lexicon: Nike Air Max

The current men’s models of the Air Max Nike collection.

The Nike Air Max is not only among the most popular, but also the most comfortable sneakers worldwide. The great success is due to the air-cushion technology in particular, which has copied from Nike designer tinker Hatfield from the space.

He would forever change the running and jogging, and he did it well: as the first Air Max Nike was launched in 1987, it was already a small revolution. At least for the foot. Because the air bags, which are incorporated to the sole, the jumps and kicks cushion as well, joints and muscles are spared, and it feels lighter even when wearing equal to a few pounds. Because six years later, it was clear that the sneaker has become a true success story, the Air Max commercial from 1993 with the Beatles song “Revolution” was highlighted. And even today, the run on the Air Max is undiminished. So it is with the revolution.

Nike Air Max – the Sneaker with the Window

Originally, the air pad system was developed in the 1970s for the space. What proves useful in space, can be useful on Earth, Nike designer tinker Hatfield probably thought. Nike was visibly proud of the advancement, the as “Air Max technology” is quickly been patented. The new air system should be not deprive therefore the current clientele and the window has become the trademark of the shoe. Because the look in the airy sole had some futuristic itself, the air reached Max generation of absolute cult status.

Nike Air Max – a Shoe Which Evolves

While the model of 1987 was still quite simple and today falls under the category of “Retro”, the fleet sneaker from year evolved to year. The Air Max 97 was brought in stylish silver design on the market. He has a consistent air sole with equally consistent window. The Air Max Ltd has relatively simple, primarily black design perfect for everyday use. The Air Max skyline comes, however, again so athletic that he makes a particularly good example on the tennis court.

As the Air Max models also will look different, they all have two things together: the Swoosh (the logo) and the iconic window on the sole.

An Air Max for Every Age

The Nike Air Max has evolved into a casual shoe for almost any occasion. There are lines specifically for ladies, men and children and even the most diverse subcultures have discovered the Air Max for a long time for themselves.

Techno fans who know stay all night on the dance floor, would appreciate the air cushion in the heel since the 1990s. In the scene of the shoe is one of the basic equipment of every ravers. But also Hip hoppers, break dancer and hiking enthusiasts have usually one or two air max models in the closet. Because you can simply not afford aching joints in such hobbies.