Snapchat Update Brings Quick Change Of Camera By Double Tap

Snapchat currently among the most popular apps ever to share photos with others – and this is certainly also because that it is extremely easy and quick to use. But even this simple application can be optimized even further, the makers prove with their latest update.

Snapchat Update Brings Quick Change Of Camera By Double Tap

Typed on the screen once and already you have taken a photo, kept his finger on the display once more and you get a video. Snapchat is really easy to use and yet still practical improvements invade the creators. Who uses Snapchat for iOS or Android, which can look forward recently with version 9.9.0 – and thanks to the updates faster switch between the main and the front-facing camera.

Camera Switch By Double Tap

As the double click with a computer mouse works also the camera Exchange in Snapchat. Just have her shot and now still a Selfie something happened exciting before you? With Snapchat in version 9.9.0 you need only twice quickly on the display of your Smartphone to tap and it changes the app on the main camera.

In the latest version, Snapchat is only 50.5 megabytes in size for iOS and should fit on the iPhones of those who suffer from chronic shortage of memory. Android app with a circumference of 16 MB is a piece even smaller. Who has already installed the app, should quickly will automatically receive the update. For those who don’t have it on their Smartphone and want to like to try them out, Snapchat is available for free on the app store and Google play download.