Smartwatch Compatible with iOS and Android

Microsoft smart watch also have a large number of sensors to measure different parameters

The race for companies earn a place in the young market smartwatch is being frantic. Most important of the moment-with permission from Apple-have already launched their devices to market and those that have not yet do so in the coming months.

Of course, Microsoft is one of those companies that have not yet set foot in the market for smart watches. There are few rumors and reports have indicated that the guys in Redmond are working on their own wearable device , but all I know about him is equally uncertain or more than what we know about the iWatch Apple. What Microsoft is preparing?

According to the latest Forbes report, the smartwatch of Microsoft will be compatible not only with its own mobile operating system, Windows Phone, but also it will be with iOS and Android. The open-platform operating systems character that has always characterized Microsoft looks like it could also reach the world of wearables, thus facilitating users of other operating systems can use your device.

Furthermore, the device also appears that incorporate a lot of sensors for measuring different aspects of our health, which may be synchronized with our smartphones. The focus of smart watches to the world of health seems to be something that was not only in the heads of the boys in Cupertino although obviously we hope that the iWatch is the best of all in that field.

The smartwatch of Microsoft could come this summer and would provide an estimated battery life of 2 days

Supposedly, Microsoft would be relocating some engineers Kinect in the smart watch project. In addition, in 2012 and it was rumored that the company was working on a monitor to measure our heart rate called “Joule” so it would not be strange to see this alleged technology applied in its next smartwatch.

Finally, the report also indicated that Microsoft will offer an approximate battery life of 2 days in your rubber LED smart watches, a wearable device, which is in the normal standards of today’s market. The filing date could be this summer, although the Microsoft currently has not made any movement that can make you think.