Smart Watches, an Economical Alternative to Smartphones

2014 will end with a lot of smart watches and bracelets in the market. For many, there is still enough time for them to replace smartphones, but the truth is that they have already become an economic alternative to smartphones.

So far they have fewer functions than smartphones, but they are really like. Smart watches that have already reached the market are almost the same as smartphones. They have a processor, RAM and an internal memory, a display and operating system similar to the smartphone. However, its price is also cheaper than a smartphone. I recently was on sale the LG G Watch for only 99 euros. And the most expensive watch does not exceed 500 euros when smartphones already reach 800 euros.

Obviously, the smart watches has neither processors, or RAM, or the screens that have the highest smartphones. But the truth is beginning to be an economical alternative to smartphones. Perhaps his greatest weakness is the lack of ability to make calls with which we are. However, the Samsung Gear S is now able to make calls, so it is something we have solved. This Samsung smart watch seems remarkably expensive, it is more expensive than its rivals in the market. However, its price is 400 euros, and when compared to the higher – level smartphone, we realize that it is actually not that expensive. See more on

However, although the smart watches are already an alternative to the smartphone, it will be really and will compete with them in the future. Consider that the characteristics of these will improve, while prices will go down in these products. Consider the relationship between the price of smartphones initially, and those that already exist now, for less than 100 euros. Something similar will happen with smart watches. The LG G Watch , one of the first launched, has already been marketed at some point for less than 100 euros, and this trend will become increasingly recurrent over time. In the end, they could become the cheaper alternative to smartphones for those looking for a media outlet.