Skype Tea Allows to Send Files Up to 300 MB to Your Friends

Do you need to send a large file to a friend… but not too big? Why not use Skype? Microsoft has slightly increased the maximum file size that you can send through your application up to 300 MB, the figure is considered as optimal.

Microsoft does not think the same, but it is an open secret that Skype is very well to make video calls, but for other more typical things of messaging applications (such as chat or send photos) does not work equally well. Microsoft is trying to improve that in the latest Skype updates.

Now, and always, and when you have the latest version of Skype installed, you can send files up to 300 MB in size, although the changes don’t end there. In an attempt to improve the experience of sending files, now you can send them even if the other person is not connected.

Similarly, files can be downloaded either in the different devices those who have logged in to Skype. Past experience was quite confused, because shipments were direct and if you descargabas on a device already you couldn’t do it in another.