Shorts Cut Off

Rescue those lost jeans in the closet and turn into cut-off shorts, summer bet

Do you know those old, forgotten jeans in the closet?It can gain a new look and be transformed into one of the trends for this summer.

The cut offs are a great bet for the season where shorts lead among the most used parts.Many celebrities have already joined the shorts cut off and are on the streets with looks to inspire.

How to Make Shorts Cut Off

You do not have to leave your leg banging around to find a short one of the way you want it.The great advantage of the cut off shorts is that they can be made at home and besides they have a unique look, they come out much more.

The step-by-step how to make cut-off shorts has no secret.Just pick out a pair of jeans that you no longer wear, mark the size you want to use and use sharp scissors to cut it short.

If you prefer a more cool style, undo the bar and make some features.To make it even more fashionable, bet on cut-off shorts with pocket popping.

How to wear the cut off shorts

This style of shorts is the face of summer and can be worn both during the day and at night. Create plus size looks with long and short shirts, jeans shirts, shirts with floral prints or plaid, ruffles and regattas.

The short cut off combines with any type of footwear, models like coda, clogs clogs, ankle boots, sandal half paw, sneakers and slippers look great when combined with the look.To complete the look, invest in the accessories like wide belt, hat, bag and long necklaces.