Shoot Photos With The HTC One M9: 5 Top Tips

With the 20-mega pixel camera of HTC one M9, doubtless very good photos can be shoot. However, there are a variety of settings, which complicates the General overview at the top Smartphone of company from Taiwan. We give you that’s why a few of the most important tips for dealing with the camera of HTC one M9 on the hand. Thus guaranteed still better be good you’ll cherish forever.

It Depends On The Exposure

Generally, the setting of focus and exposure at the HTC one M9 automatically. If an image appears to be but underexposed or appears in the viewfinder too dark, then taps on a portion of the image, which is located in the shade. In the reverse case, so if a motive seems to be overexposed, you have to tap a well illuminated object in the picture. Then, you focus on an object that has a neutral shade. This, you generate a balanced exposure. This is important to know that pressing other object can change the focus of your subject.

Special Case Of HDR

Should parts of the image in the shadow and others are in the light, then you can use the HDR function, to make multiple shots with different exposures. These are then added together to a single shot. When using HDR you must however ensure that you keep your HTC one M9 absolutely quiet. Best, it puts it on a level surface to photograph or uses a lens.

Courage To The Zoom

With the 20-mega pixel camera of HTC one M9 digital zoom can use your peace of mind for your photos. Using the zoom you bring are not necessarily more details to light, however, the image can be make easier. There is also the possibility to use the zoom on the volume button next to the Zoom control. It passes “settings |” General settings | “Volume button options” and here select “Zoom”.

Shoot Photos With The HTC One M9 5 Top Tips

Focus And Sharpness Make The Difference

The HTC one M9 autofocus makes the best services when moving the subject that you want to capture, not too much. To change the focus, you must tap the viewfinder on the respective subject, which should be focused. The object should move, then it hold in the viewfinder. As a result, the focus is locked. The camera settings you can set in already the sharpness in advance for your recording. Alternatively, this is of course also manually in image processing. It is this advisable rather to sharpen a blurry image as to reduce the sharpness.

General Tips

If you have taken a photo, then you can adjust the brightness, contrast, and other settings in the image editing following according to your wishes. Saturation, sharpness and contrast can be configured in turn even before the recording, by you typing in the camera settings to “Picture adjustment”.

You should type in the camera settings on the “Grid” to capture a subject better or improve the image composition. If you want to take a photo under a light bulb or neon tubes, it can happen that the colors appear incorrect. In this case, you must tap on “AWB”, to select the white balance setting. Check that the image in the viewfinder and the appropriate option.


  • Make sure that your subject is not over – or underexposed
  • Keep the HTC one M9 absolutely quiet use HDR mode
  • Use digital zoom to give your image
  • The auto focus works best for subjects moving little
  • Tap “Grid” to improve your composition