Shoes: The Return of Vintage

Nothing ever really goes out of fashion, sooner or later it all comes back. So here they are, are returning much to charge, on the catwalk, to the rhythm of heels, pointed shoes!
In fashion, as in the case, the same rule: nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed. If you had buried those “horrible pumps with the equally horrific pile shoes” in the deepest depths of your wedged wardrobe, just as you do with the filling of the Christmas turkey, it’s time to go to riesumarle. Fashion is a series of trends that after a decade, sometimes even two, are dusted off, reworked, re-proposed, as sold on internetages.

This time the return to prominence is that of the vintage shoes. I had already guessed when, in 2011 about, Valentino had proposed a collection of accessories decorated with metal studs of which the highlight were the very decolletees declined in neutral colors with this particular tip. But also the beautiful Manolo Blahnik pink color with black lace applications, paparazzi at the ends of Sarah Jessica Parker. As we all know, the legendary Carrie Bradshaw of Sex & The City is unwilling to part with fetishes of its flagship brands. How can we forget, the Christian Louboutin Pigalle; slender, sinuous, with stiletto heels, it is often prohibited the dream of every self-respecting fashion victim.

Vintage Style Shoes

There are those who love and those who hate them, those looking for an exclusive model like these in order to come to terms with the elegance. About these vintage shoes, is the 2000s that just can not digest it. If it will be a top or a flop does not take us long to figure it out. in any case, good indigestion!