Shirt or Polo to Wear On Different Occasions

When it comes to wearing certain clothes for each occasion we must also follow a protocol. The shirt was for a long time a garment exclusively masculine and the pole was devised in Century XX to uniformar the equipment that practiced sport.

In today’s fashion, the polos are halfway between the shirt and the shirt at the level of formality. Signatures like René Lacoste, Fread Perry or Ralph Laurent endowed with distinction and sophistication to this garment, without losing elegance and style.

When Should I Wear A Shirt?

But there are times when we do not know well where the boundary between the formality of a shirt and the informality of a pole is. The shirt is a symbol of masculine elegance. And if it is white, better, because it combines with everything. Today you can see many colors, but what is clear is that it is a basic garment for a suit, whether with tie, bow tie or even suspenders. The suit is the ideal set to attend a social event that requires a certain degree of formality.

In the moments of more sport, you can forget the shirt and bet for something more comfortable, like a personalized polo. It is not always necessary to go elegant, if for example you are having dinner with your friends or family and you fancy dressing with a pole, you can do it. It will always be smarter than a T-shirt and will look great with jeans. If in addition to wearing a polo you want to add a personal touch of the most original, you can always customize it with the logo of your company or the design you choose. A pole can also become a tool to promote your brand.

If You Do Not Have A Shirt, Choose An Elegant Polo Instead.

Something that is wrong is the short-sleeved shirt. But in summer and with 40 degrees outside it is logical that you do not want to wear long sleeve shirt, no matter how much you remangues, so a good substitute for the short-sleeved shirt would be the pole. This garment will be a true basics of the costume of every gentleman. But of course it is also a valid garment for women and children, since each time we can find more models in the market: different sizes, colors, brands and shapes. It all depends on how we combine it.

The custom polo appears in a sporty context, and tennis is one of the first sports to take this outfit. It has the long sleeve variant on the rugby poles, the most beautiful when used in the right context. In addition, they are usually worn with a shield type embroidery on the left chest area. The use of the shirt is reduced to the use by the younger or as undergarment.

The pole even tends to see as formal judging by the excessive and sometimes incorrect use of the shirt is made. All brands of polos have their own models in pique cotton, the most classic being Lacoste, Fred Perry and Ralph Lauren. The latter presents the main characteristic of the rear part longer than the front in its lower part and whose novelty is that its design can be created by yourself. Even the big brands are betting on the personalization of their articles.

Finally, it should be noted that the main quality reviews that identify the best qualities of a pole are double stitching at the seams, reinforcement with fabric at the shoulder joints, neck making and openings at the end of the Side seams.

We must keep in mind that the size of the pole must be adjusted, both for comfort and for what the canons advise. Its quality will be decisive so that with the use and the passage of the years, it maintains its original appearance the longest period of time possible.