Sharp Aquos 102SH, Another Android from High-End to The Country of The Rising Sun

The Japanese market has very interesting Android smartphones. Without going any further this week we’ve been talking of Arrow Z Fujitsu, a powerful terminal that has nothing to envy to the high-end European and American. This time we speak of another titan to you will reach the market at the end of the year in Japan.

We are talking about the latest model from Sharp, 102SH Aquos phone with 4.5 inch display, a resolution of 780 x 1280 pixels and a depth of 329 points per inch. This year, around the world, the touch screens of large dimensions are being.

Inside we find a Texas Instrument OMAP4430 processor dual-core 1 GHz and 1GB of RAM. 2.2 GB of memory via micro SD card expandable internal. As we can see, low power is not precisely the Sharp terminal.

No, the Aquos 102SH has one 12 megapixel camera and Full HD recording. It is interesting to see the effort that manufacturers make to bring smartphones with much resolution into the Japanese market. Many pixels but it would be interesting to see the quality of these cameras.

To finish off the Sharp terminal we have some good connectivity options: Wi-Fi b/g /, tuner DTT, infrared port, Bluetooth 3.0 and the ability to use it as a purse electronic although the official tab do not specify if it will do so through NFC.

Sharp Aquos 102SH will be released in December by the hand of the operator Softbank. Although Sharp did a wink in his day to the international market at the moment It seems unlikely to leave the borders of Japan Although you never know, just dare and give the jump at some point.