Sex In Pregnancy

Pregnancy Should Not Stop You From Keeping The Flame Lit Sex. Has No Contraindications!

By Ana Luiza Silveira

It’s not just because a baby’s coming that we need to take a day off on sexual routine. On the contrary, you can and should preserve the will-and hot. -until the end of the pregnancy. During pregnancy, the sex gets other contours and can be more fun and enjoyable than you think.

The student Michelle Alves, married two years ago, was keen to keep the flame alive during the entire pregnancy. ” I’ve always been a fan of sex, that’s why I didn’t let the fatigue or discomfort prevent me from having pleasure. Of course I had days when I was with a big sleep, others when I was sick, others too lazy. But I had sexduring the nine months, without any cricket. We had to adapt the positions, but itwas not uncomfortable. The coolest thing was to see my husband’s reaction, with the changes in my body, the size of the belly and breasts. He was fascinated! “comments.

However, not everyone sees the pregnancy sex with all that natural. The greatest fears and taboos are related to the “interference” of the penis in the relationship: it is believed that the penetration is harmful to the baby, because it could hurt him.”While living in the belly of the mother, the baby is protected by a water bag that works as a shock absorber. Hardly the penis will make the uterus “, explains gynecologist Martha Marsillac. IE: probability zero happened an accident.

Another myth relates to the orgasm. According to, many pregnant women believe that the contractions of orgasm can trigger labor. “It is possible that they have a contraction during orgasm, but that doesn’t mean that that’s going to advance the birth of the baby,” reassures.

And speaking of orgasms, here’s a curiosity: research indicates that pregnancy can also be a great opportunity to get many of them. The people responsible for thisare the hormones, whose levels increase during this period, growing the capacityof excitement. Another great ally is the bloodstream, which is more intense, especially in the pelvic region, leaving the vagina more sensitive to sexual stimulation.

There are cases, however, where the penetrative sex must be faced with constraints, such as those identified in prenatal examinations: threat of premature birth, abnormal bleeding or placenta low. Then, leave for other alternatives such as mutual masturbation or simply the exchange of kisses and caresses.


Yes, that sounds like a lot of fun, but what to do when your stomach is already immense. “The conventional sexual positions can be practiced with ease until the fifth month-provided with discretion, after all there may be uncomfortable or discomfort-but then it is necessary to adapt them. We must find ways to facilitate penetration. Sitting on the partner, the woman has more control over the movements. Lying on your side, with the embedded partner behind, can also be very pleasurable, “recommends the sexologist Cassius of Kings. Of course, in the days when there’s nochop to a full fuck, worth adopting other artifices. “Massage, use your hands, mouth … everything is valid,” says sexologist.

For him, the woman’s sex life must continue-and actively-as she awaits the arrival of the heir. “The pleasure in pregnancy is very important, especially for the self-esteem of women. The enjoyment of the partner to makes you feel valued, and honey.In addition, there are advantages to the baby, as he captures the stimuli of pleasure which the mother receives. And those who are born of mothers sexually active tend to be more intelligent, strong, healthy and developed “comments. Another good reason to keep the temperature of the relationship in high, isn’t it?

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