Sets of Teeth Jewelry

You’re the type who thinks the perfect smile is that perfectly aligned and super white boy? UM … so it’s time to review their concepts … well at least as far as a new thing that can change this scenario and that is gaining strength every day, the Sets of bling or grillz. But wait … for those who are not linking the name to the person, grillz is that jewel used in teeth, which although not new in the fashion world, won a little push over with the accession of another famous: Madonna. This species of gold teeth or metal with precious stones, has existed since 2011, brought by rappers, but is already turning craze among women, usually diamonds, gold or silver.

A little confusing at first glance, we confess, grillz, fashion between rappers, has already been adopted by several celebrities.

Yes, the Queen of pop, Madonna, adhered to sets of grillz and called attention to display a picture with the unusual accessory on a social network.

This exotic ornament is nothing more than a gold card, which covers part of your upper arch, containing no fewer than 24 diamonds produced by Cap Master, a company located in thembaprograms that makes custom jewelry for teeth.

But the biggest fashion enthusiast of dental jewellery that’s Rihanna.

The singer likes to show the attachment in your instagram, and caused controversy with your bling in the form of AK-47.

The sets of grillz comes along between rappers and Hip hop, in fact, the bling or grillz, began to be used by rappers.

After posting a picture on the net, Madonna was seen in public with the bling in your 55 year anniversary. The pictures taken by friends showed the singer dressed in clothes of Marie Antoinette and with a metallic smile. At the opening of a unit of your gym Hard Candy in Rome, the singer smiled for the cameras with a bling of gold, set with diamonds.

Other stars like Miley Cyrus and Beyonce … has also been seen using the accessory.

But many other famous people have already joined … until the teen idol, justin Bieber, among them.

And you, you think this Sets caught among mere mortals, or be restricted to famous?