Selfy: Selfie Remote for iPhone 5s and Galaxy S5

2014 is the year of Selfies – Selfy has arrived just at the right. On the back of the case a detachable remote control is attached, with which your also from a distance can press the trigger of the Smartphone camera. The whole thing works pretty simple and as of itself, without additional apps.

At the latest since the famous Oscar Selfie, which host Ellen DeGeneres brought a Twitter record with sheer celebrity power, self portraits are with Smartphone cameras on everyone’s lips. As some stars and Smartphone manufacturer, wants with swim also iLuv creative technology on the Selfie shaft and presents the appropriate accessories to the popular ego snapshot with Selfy.

Protective Case with Bluetooth Remote Control

Selfy is only a cover. But, a small remote control is embedded on the back of not necessarily thin accessories. This connects you in the Setup menu via Bluetooth to your Smartphone or Tablet – and already, you can use the remote controller for snapshots, without having to hold your photo unit in your hand. Selfy not on self portraits is of course limited, but this purpose is quite close. Selfie enthusiasts could complain, however, that practical accessories takes the photos a piece of her typical character – about the almost forcibly in the image to arm that stretches out the Smartphone from the photographer and subject.

The case for Selfie photographer is available in pink or black color for the Samsung’s Galaxy S5, as well as iPhone 5 and 5; There are the protective case for iPad air and iPad mini only in black, but with fold-out stand. The Smartphone versions of Selfy cost you on the Web page of the manufacturer $49.99 each, while 20 or 30 dollars more are estimated for the cases for iPad mini and iPad air.