School T-shirts

You want to show that you belong to your school, but a school uniform is for you not in question? Then there is a way to show the sense of community in your school, to go without every day in the same clothes in the classroom: school Entwerft tees!

But how it should look? No problem – if you use the concentrated creativity of your classmates and organized a design competition! This also contributes to the fact that the students identify more with their school by one of them designed logo.

After the subject is determined, you should search next a print shop. On the Internet you will find many vendors, but perhaps there is also a print shop directly with you around. Get your best multiple quotes and trades on good terms out to keep prices for all low. In addition to T-shirts, jumpers or pens of course there are more, which can provide you with the logo of your choice.

What should still consider her

Once you have the perfect motif found you should take a look at the color of your T-shirts or sweaters. Here it is important that colored garments will cost more natural than black, as one example, white with red or even in special forms needs.

Not every student of the school would also ultimately a shirt or sweater. Why should their lists distributed in the classes in which the class president enters, who would like to order a T-shirt or vintage sweater and especially in what size and color (if you different fundamental tones is to select). The class representative has this list and the money that he should be equal to collect with the best, re-proposed with you. Then you carry along all lists and ordered.

When the T-shirts and sweaters finally arrive at you, they ranked best in classes, so that the respective class president she only has to pick with you, and they can then distribute in its class.