São Paulo Fashion Week 2013

Fashion is present everywhere, whether in clothing, shoes, accessories, hair, makeup, decorating, painting, or anything else, one way or another you need to follow the trends, and always according to what you are currently using. There is no one person dictates fashion, actually are several heads together throw some trends that will be responsible for creating rules regarding what to wear.

Of course you are free to use, however not everyone thinks so, and many of them prefer to follow the latest trends in order to be always well dressed and in accordance with the fashion of the moment. So, there are parades that take place all over the world, including in Brazil, as in the case of the São Paulo Fashion Week.

Every São Paulo Fashion Week trends are presented to the station, be they of womenswear, menswear or childish. In several parades, the audience can see what the main stylists suggest for the season.

Usually the most discussed are the models of the fashion, since women are more linked to this

they are always well dressed, with matching outfits and according to the latest trends. That’s why they are the most interested in this type of event.

The São Paulo Fashion Week 2013 presented good news for winter, several brands have launched their trends in hopes to convince consumers that their ideas will be the hottest of the season. Brands like Forum, Carmin Stefens, Colcci, Zoomp, Planet Girls and Morena Rosa are some of the hottest.

It is very important to always be well dressed, so be sure to always check the latest releases of the biggest brands in the world, Keeping your look up to date.