San Remo Italian Singers

In view of Sanremo 2015 , the look of the singers return to being under fire.They begin the first predictions already not only on the winner among the artists in the race, but also on outfits that will show off the elegant female protagonists the stage of the Ariston Theatre in the evenings between 10 and 14 February. In the past we saw choices of unique outfits for the occasion, some very fashionable, others definitely to forget: this year women in the race are so many, we are going along with the story of their looks worn in the past in Sanremo.

Looks from the final night of Sanremo in 2014 have not yet ceased to mention that we are already thinking about what will be the new style choices that will mark the new edition. Anna Tatangelo is one of the women in the race from which much is expected, especially from point of view of fashion. The Neapolitan singer in fact, testimonial for Coconuda brand, has sported in the past coordinated to forget, both on the Sanremo stage that on the occasion of his concerts and other public appearances.

His passion for the leaders in black leather and biker style led her to get to Sanremo with blacks pants entirely paths from rips and glitter scarf, while on other occasions we have seen prefer the total leather although a more elegant look it would have been more appropriate. For the new edition of Sanremo we expect a lot more class, and considering that Tatangelo is a beautiful young woman, from the finest creations of the evening they would be with a brush.

San Remo Italian Singers

Nilla Zilli, as we have seen in the past, does not mind the echoes vintage look, but often completed by eccentric accessories, so the question is whether this year will be big hair and cat-eye makeup to dominate his look.

The younger singers, Anna and Chiara Galiazzo, both in the race at Sanremo in 2013, have been shown to prefer different styles, short and saucy look first not without some loss of style despite the big names behind her outfits, and dresses well more refined the second almost always in dark tones.

Irene Grandi, as you might predict, will return to bet on matches in full rocker style, whimsical look that will give us much to talk about. Malika Ayane has a fashion path with ups and downs in his past, as you can see by browsing the pictures of our photogallery, having grown from refined outfits in exotic coordinated, up to total black that accompanies many of his most recent public appearances.

Grazia Michele will return to his passion for look 70s style or surprise everyone with the most sophisticated outfits by night? We’ll see!