Samsung Warms Up with a Video Promo Nexus Prime

There is less than a week for the event of Google and Samsung where all expect the two companies to submit the Nexus Prime: the new flagship Android It will also be the standard bearer of the new version of the operating system called to join smartphones and tablets, Ice Cream Sandwich.

The expectations are really high and just have to see the large number of rumors that have emerged during these months. Yesterday in fact we talked about what could be the first image of Prime Nexus, but Samsung has released a video to get the long teeth and now Let us know: something big comes.

So, Samsung has decided to heat engines and submit a promotional video which warns us that something big is ready to get and where in addition becomes a constant allusion to the perfect combination: milk and cookies, a glass of wine and some candles…What will be the perfect combination that will bring us to the Prime Nexus? Perhaps refer to the convergence that will bring us Ice Cream Sandwich.

Apart from the slogan on the perfect Samsung at the end of the video will be like the profile of the new Prime Nexus. A phone, as you can see in the picture, with a curved screen and a very fine and elegant finish. At the moment it is unknown what will be these three points but in some sites refer to which they could try a dock docking.

And that’s it, for now. Samsung shows us the video and many insurance that will leave you wanting to come soon October 11 and see what will be offering the Prime Nexus. We remind you that Xataka Android we will do a live event coverage and you can also follow the broadcast video via YouTube.