Samsung Galaxy S5 Gets Screen on 2600×1440 Pixels?

Rumor: a presentation from Samsung monitor-Chief puts speculations in time-get Galaxy S5 a resolution of 2600×1440 pixels?

Kinam Kim, CEO of Samsung Display, had a presentation on Samsung’s annual Analyst Day of its 2014 lineup, where there were allegedly confirmed a Super AMOLED mobile screen with 560ppi. It writes our site.

If it is on, so it is expected that 5.3 inches get a resolution of 2600×1440 pixels. Samsung calls the display for WQHD resolution.

In addition to this screen, so would also have welcomed the presentation on screens that can bend, fold and stretch.

Rumored stock market expects that this screen with 560ppi will come on the next top model Galaxy S5. But nothing is confirmed further from Samsung.