Samsung Ativ Q Destroys Mobile Processors with 55,000 Points at Antutu

Last week Samsung unveiled a new line of products in the Samsung Premiere 2013. Among them stood out the Ativ Q, a body of portable device convertible with Windows that also enjoyed Android operating system.

The system takes inside a processor Intel Haswell, i5-4200U, along with its new 4400 Iris graphics and 4 GB of RAM. They are specifications that move in what a Ultrabook anyone who we can see this second half of the year. But, What if we put it to the test of performance on Android?

Therefore becomes the obvious, a mobile phone or tablet cannot be allowed – yet – reach the 15W TDP running up to 2.6 GHz. nowhere less than 54.861 points, leaving behind and even to other chips as it can be still expectant Tegra 4 (which has already been presented in some devices but has not taken the step to stores) and Snapdragon 800 with its 35,000 points.

Of course all performance is little – and always welcome on a PC – to move one resolution 3200 x 1800 points, which is the highest in the market in this kind of devices and sweeping in many points the MBP Retina 15 “despite being a model of 13.3 inches, which gives 275ppi.

It must be also noted that the device will be running Windows in the background when you run Android, and this implementation certainly is not – again, still – all the optimized that we can ask him. In any case, we cannot complain too seen the numbers. We must also examine the experience of use of this hybrid with Android 4.2.2.