Romantic Jewelery Just Cavalli

Here are other gift ideas for Valentine’s Day: articles “smiling” signed Smiley .We know, the lovers ‘festival is coming and a bit’ all run to look for something special, as it was Christmas again, with the difference that on Valentine’s Day you always think of not being quite unique, it snorts before usual hearts or love phrases on the cards because after years of gifts, always look the same. So here is an original idea: look for in Articles Smiley.

Smiley, the brand smile, wearing for you the role of Cupid and will meet the tastes of the most romantic, but also those who prefer to bet on something ironic.

Gift ideas for Valentine there are around, different brands have been busy for the occasion, just think of romantic jewelery Just Cavalli or the t-shirt “Love” by

The novelty of Smiley is that 10% of the company’s revenues will be allocated to activities charity , managed since 2005 by the Smiley World Association, so in an attempt to strike at the heart of your loved one, you will also have the opportunity to do your good deed for the day !

The articles presented by Smiley is a t-shirt with a big smiling big face wearing glasses shaped heart, a ring very cute heart-shaped, and a bracelet original, in black, with many colorful and fun decorations, and even several diaries colorful,brooches , earrings , in short all kinds of jewelry, and on each one you will find red hearts and dazzling smiles.