Risque Brazilian Nail Polish Color

National enamels brands, certainly the Risque is one of the most used. It invites your purchase: low price, quality, variety of colors and easy to find on the market. It also has a good durability and makes the popular line with a certain glamour. Famous use in soaps and small bottles of the brand are constant presence in fashion tutorial. Its not appreciate this item?

Enamels Risque has over 20 years in the market, so grandparents and granddaughters know some colors. Red Rebu, for example, is one of the ones from the 90s and one of the colors sold in the market. Your income, traditional for the use of Frenchie, also part of the permanent line and that can not fail to miss in stores.

Prices Enamels Risque?

If you do not know how much they cost Enamels Risque will rethink their enameling box to learn that in some cities and oldest colors permanent palette out for only R $ 3 . The maximum rate of 9 ml item by glass found in Brazil is $ 5 , and that for new colors. The most common is to find the bulk product, but there are promotional boxes depending on the collection theme, if a partnership with another product, such as the collection Penelope Pitstop and colors of Brazil toward the World Cup in 2014.

How does the popular line, buy Enamels Risque is very simple. The product is constantly seen in supermarkets, drug stores, food stores to hair and haberdashery Brazilian cities by high demand. A good part of manicures uses the item and recommends.

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Enamel Risque Good?

According to the professional and assiduous users, buy Enamels Risque worth. The product lasts well into the nail. It is well ralinho when new, so it needs two layers to cover the nail perfectly. If used wisely, always closing, it does not dry quickly and can last for the time indicated on the package. To make the glaze lasts longer, a crease and touches with bases to preserve the freshness are good tips.

It should not be used out of date. In addition to damaging the nail leaves yellow stains to be taken only with polisher.

Color Enamels Risque

Income – known to be the base of the nail traditional French. It is a light white, transparent, and cover with cool glow. For day to day, it is always a good choice of enameling and one of the best-selling throughout the country. See more fashion photos .

Rebu – red rebu is more closed and used in roofing to add gloss to the nail. It is one of the most beloved and constantly sold.

Retail Casaqueto – an alternative to nude, more closed, suitable for all skin tones. It is not brown nor cappucino, but looks a lot like the two – tone, getting between them. Other colors like for those who love the nude are Half Pants, Faith in Figa and Charpe .

Star ground – is part of the Colors line with glitter with glitter soft. It is blue in a hue that becomes a color to enjoy the ballad, more open and well fashion. He was so successful that joined the permanent palette of the brand. All the Colors line is focused on the enamel with special effects and has glitter. There are shades of gold, pink, green and lilac complement the palette.

Dogs – Lilac, different from the competition for not being overly closed and not be the most open tones, making it unobtrusive. It was used in some novels, so it became a trend in young fashion tutorials.

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I was never holy – is a half step between red and orange, great young color for those who want to innovate in the nails and stylish. As it is a hot color, more open, it is indicated for casual use and summer.

Jeans – basic blue for the day to day in the same color of the traditional jeans wash.


Sweet popcorn – more red color that stands out for being closed and super discreet. The Risqué has over 30 variations of the color of love, all the permanent manufacturing palette and should not get out of line for a long time.