RIM Wants To Bring A Tablet PC Under The Name Blackpad To The Market In November

Logically you call the touchscreen based Tablet PC from the home BlackBerry Blackpad. The information according to Bloomberg’s wants to bring the device to the end of the year on the market.

After the manufacturer of BlackBerrys, the company research in motion is already the domain blackpad.com has backed up, the notes on the appearance of the Blackpad condense further. The Blackpad will with a 9.7-inch touchscreen screen come up and be so similar to the dimensions of the IPad from the Apple home. Continue to the Tablet PC to have WiFi and Bluetooth , allowing a connection to the Internet using the BlackBerry .

Apple not allowing users of the iPad to access by means of the IPhones on the Internet. So, this is a great advantage for the Blackpad is users. The Blackpad Tablet PC, the company RIM strengthened pressure on Apple right on several fronts. The company wants at an event on August 3rd this year in New York the new BlackBerry 9800 slider phone present. The device will have a touchscreen and a sliding QWERTY keyboard. Thus, a competitor for Apple’s IPhone has emerged on this front too. Especially in times where Apple’s IPhone because of antenna problems is in the talk, the new BlackBerry 9800 slider will represent a big competition.

The Blackpad to be to buy a similar price as the IPad by Apple, according to computerannals. For RIM to build among other things making sure that so far enthusiastic BlackBerry so are users can also draw on the Tablet PC from the BlackBerry, on the Blackpad. It remains to zuwarten whether the Blackpad the IPad in all aspects to compete can. When you consider how many apps in the App Store by Apple are offered, is to hope it will be also RIM able to offer as many apps for its Blackpad. A particular move would be, if you out with one of the Blackpad by home Adobe Flash support would offer. Then you would have a real with the Tablet PC Blackpad IPad killer.