Review: Lenovo S5000 Tablet

The  Lenovo    is finally bringing Brazil to its line of tablets with nine months of delay with respect to the global launch. Among the options available is the S5000, an intermediate device with good specifications and attractive price. But is he the right model for you?

The device has a 7-inch IPS screen, quad-core processor, 5 megapixel camera and 1GB of RAM. In our tests, it has withstood the brunt of day-to-day activities, but may not be the ideal choice for programs that require more graphical processing. Check our analysis:


The first detail that catches your eye on the Lenovo S5000 when you hold it is its lightness. They are only 246 grams, against 290 grams of Nexus 7(WiFi version) and 320 grams of Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.0(WiFi version), for example – the lightest among all its competitors.

The back cover is made of a matte metallic material that offers a more elegant look to the device and avoids scratches and marks, but slips easily. The side has a shiny metallic material that jumps lightly on the screen, protecting it from possible falls.

The product is very well built, with no-slip inserts, plus firm buttons and connectors. When handling the unit, the buttons are not touched accidentally as they are positioned on the back cover, instead of being positioned on the side edge, since it is extremely thin: 7.6 mm – again, the smallest of all Competitors.

The surface of the Lenovo S5000 leaves some marks on the screen, but nothing that goes a long way than other devices. The design of the device is very similar to that of its competitors, especially as regards the large lower and upper edges that theoretically serve to hold the device while playing.

The surface of the Lenovo S5000 leaves some marks on the screen, but nothing that goes a long way than other devices. The design of the device is very similar to that of its competitors, especially as regards the large lower and upper edges that theoretically serve to hold the device while playing.

It’s not as sharp as high-definition resolution, but it should also not mess up your day-to-day activities. The resolution ties with that of the Galaxy Tab 8.0, loses to that of the LG Tab 8.0 and the Nexus 7(both Full HD), and wins from all others.

The density of 215 pixels per inch is lower than that of Nexus 7(323 ppi) and LG G Pad 8.3 (273 ppi). It outperforms all others: Galaxy Tab 8.0(189 ppi), Dell Vanue 8(189 ppi), Galaxy Tab 7(170 ppi) and Fonepad 7(170 ppi).

Reading texts, for example, can be done quietly, within the confines of an LCD screen, of course. However, long texts must become tiresome, as the image is slightly blurred.

In games that require more processing of the video card, the details become jagged and unworthy. We tested games like Castle of Illusions, Real Racing 3, Dead Trigger 2, Modern Combat 4 and Asphalt 8 and all of them presented low resolution visuals.

More casual games, such as Candy Crush, Cut the Rope 2, Plants vs Zombies, Temple Run and My Evil Favorite, all performed very well.

Thanks to the IPS technology present on the screen, you can view the contents of various viewing angles with accurate and consistent color. It also reflects almost nothing, ensuring a good view of images even under sunlight.

Exclusive Apps

Lenovo has mostly included basic and useful applications on the S5000 such as contacts, calculator, files, and camera. They all work well and have a simple design, based on skepticism, that mimics real objects.

The company also offers some exclusive programs, such as Audio Recorder, Movie Studio and Lenovo Power-a complete app for you to manage the device’s battery.

In addition, there are two pre-installed third-party programs: the complete Norton Mobile Security antivirus that protects your device, and the complete Kingsoft Office, which creates text documents, slide shows and tables.

Several Google programs are already installed natively, such as Calendar, Clock, Music Play, Photos, Google+ and Drive. Except for Kingsoft Office, none of the 30 factory installed applications can be removed without root.

These programs together with the system consume 3 GB of storage, which is not quite close to what other manufacturers are doing, freeing up 13 GB of space for you to install your applications.


The S5000’s main camera features five megapixels of resolution, matching that of the Nexus 7(second generation), Galaxy Tab 8, Dell Vanue and LG G Pad, but outperforming Galaxy Tab 7(3.5 MP) and Of the Asus Fonepad(2 MP). The front camera of 1.6 is also similar to the others(except the Asus Fonepad, which is VGA).

In addition, the device is able to shoot in Full HD, like the other competitors, except Galaxy Tab 8, Galaxy Tab 7 and Fonepad 7 that film in HD only. However, the device does not have a flash, which is a very bad point for night shots.

The camera offers features such as image stabilization, panoramic photos, HDR, smile detector, choice of the best shot, multiple shooting angles, scene auto-detection and facial beauty – these options help you record the moments with the highest quality.

You can also zoom, change exposure, choose color effect and scene mode, change white balance, shoot still images, choose image size, set ISO, and insert guide lines.

The main camera performed very well in our tests, both in daylight and in night light and indoors. Color reproduction was faithful in any of the situations, except in very dark environments.

Indoors the images were a bit grainy, but nothing very compromising. Contrast has been great in all environments, even in low light. The images displayed on video call transmissions have proven to be quite satisfactory. Not as sharp as the main camera, but you can see details with ease.

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The external audio quality of the S5000 is very good. Even at maximum volume, the sound is not distorted. Another interesting detail is that the bass and treble are well balanced, producing a great result. In addition, the volume reaches reasonably high values.


Testing the durability of the battery in a device is very difficult as each device is different and used differently. However, the device was slightly above average than its competitors, which can make a difference when deciding which tablet to buy following computerannals.

The battery is one of the features that most surprised the device. It stood firm almost for a day and a half, with WiFi on and moderate use of applications such as Facebook, Chrome, Gmail, Netflix and various games.


The Lenovo S500 performed well on a day-to-day basis with no gaps or crashes. We have not seen any kind of failure to open or close applications, and much of this performance is due to the quad-core processor.

The Android interface modified by Lenovo, which is quite lean, also has good points. The 1 GB RAM can play its part well and hardly go to the limit.

But the tablet could not stand some heavy games that require great graphics processing power. Real Racing 3, for example, besides taking too long to load, presented several lags during the race.

However, some games did well, such as Dead Trigger 2 and Modern Combat 5. This should have been possible thanks to an adaptation of the software to the hardware, which reduced the quality of the graphics in favor of performance.

Operational system

Lenovo made only slight modifications to Android  to create its interface, leaving the system fluid and fast. Some features have not even changed, such as the notification and quick settings bar, the lock screen, and the multitasking menu.

Many of Android’s standard features are there and that’s a plus as it leaves the operating system much lighter. The few modifications made by Lenovo usually only involve a visual change in some applications, as Google forces manufacturers to leave the system different from the original.

The overall result is very good, mainly due to the speed of the system. Lenovo’s interface may be one of the weakest for Android, rivaling directly with Motorola and Sony in the “purity” fight.

The version of Android equipped in the S5000 is the 4.2 Jelly Bean. Although it is a bit outdated, it should not cause any problems for the users, being uncomfortable only for those who like the latest news of the robot system.


The average price of the S5000 in the Brazilian market is 500 reais. What it offers – WXGA IPS monitor, quad-core processor, 5 MP camera and 1 GB RAM – you can say that it is a good value for money, considering that it has superior qualities than some competitors for a lower price .

It is important to note that, as far as the price is concerned, the device only loses to the Galaxy Tab 7 and gains in various aspects of other devices such as screen quality and hardware performance.

Worth it?

Generally speaking, the Lenovo S5000 has a reasonably good display and decent hardware, and is very inviting, making it a great choice for day-to-day activities and casual and intermediate games.

The device’s quad-core processor holds up well with most applications you run, with no gaps or lags. That’s also due to the fact that the Lenovo-modified operating system is tight and fluid, making navigation much more optimized.

The battery also showed good durability in our tests, lasting more than a day without needing to be recharged. The screen is not as sharp as a HD-quality display or higher, but it’s also not ugly in activities like playing or taking extended readings.

Whether you are looking for a tablet with a very good quality screen or you want to use this type of device for heavier gaming, the Lenovo S5000 is not a good choice due to the poor GPU and WXGA display quality. In this case, it is better to invest in tablets with better specifications, such as Nexus 7.