Review L ‘ OrÉAl Paris Studio Secrects Professional Makeup Stick

The makeup stick by L ‘ Oréal Paris Studio Secrects professional was in original size in the Christmas edition of the German GlossyBox 2011. It is to achieve a smooth, perfectly matte complexion. While it has aimed to cover irregularities and maintain throughout the day.

My experience with the makeup stick

The texture is very glamorous soft. It feels silky powdery and immediately merges with the skin. I got it with the stick directly on the skin and well distributed there now with my fingers. It is very good to dazzle.

I’m thrilled the durability . Even an hour sport with sweating over it is blemish-free and without even a high shine. The surface of the skin remains perfectly matt.

I am also very satisfied with the Opacity . My Red veins on the cheeks are completely covered, without that I mask-like effect.

I’m not happy with the color. With the nuance of sand 132 available was provided. It is quite yellowish, what suits me. The problem is more that it is too dark for me. You can see the transition to the neck, even if I verblende it. The whole face looks just too dark compared to the neck. I can do the usually remedy, in which I use a lighter powder in my optimal color to fix. I could do it here – however, the interface will then unfortunately frozen. This is a shame, because what I like about the makeup just so special, that it actually does not powder fixation. The Swatch here is from my forearm inside – which is better shadow-free to take pictures with me color quite comes close to the face at the Chin line.

Another disadvantage of the product is that it sets up the makeup with me in the nasolabial folds. It looks very ugly and is out of the question for me for a make-up. It’s unfortunately falls through as completely to use make-up. I think it will be used rather with me as a concealer on the cheeks. So there is at least some use.


Approx. EUR 14,-for this size would be ok if it not would settle in the folds. As it does this, however, I can’t recommend buying unfortunately. There also the durability and silky texture are useless.

What experience do you have with the product?

The products in this post were provided cost and unconditionally me by GlossyBox or the competent public relations firm. Thank you very much! The post reflect my honest, free and subjective opinion.