Review: IMALENT SA04

LED: 2 Led Cree XM-L2 + 2 Led RGB 5.0 mm.

MODES: Dimming via touch screen. Color led 1 mode. Modes pushbutton strobe, SOS and beacon.
SWITCH: Push-button ignition. Intensity and color by touch screen led. Modes button.
OTHER: Digital output regulated, polarity of batteries, operating voltage of 2.4 to 8 v. Resistente to fall 1.5 m, IP – X 8 2 meters.


I present an Imalent, the SA04 Lantern. A lantern which caught my attention because in a content size incorporating features such as touch screen, color led, regulation of the temperature of the light rare. They become these feature together with its system of supply with AA batteries in a our site that could be described as different.

The lantern comes presented in a box of similar quality to other brand name our sites premium type Nite core or Phoenix. A stylish box which highlights through relief is brand and some of its main features.

As accessories it brings a couple of O-ring of reserve, and a plastic sheet to protect the touch screen, similar to which adhere to the smart phone. It carries also a cover of a decent quality.

Once removed from the box we find a lantern which denotes quality in their finishes. The manufacturer indicates that it is aluminum with military specification type III. The truth is that the our site has an exquisite touch, and it is noteworthy as thanks to its design, the hand is perfectly suited to her and is able to find in a mechanical way back buttons and the touch screen. It is very easy to carry, and virtually mechanically within minutes of having it, estermos using all free features without thinking about where we need to press. Its square head prevents the our site to roll when we put it on a table and its CAP allows us to use it in mode sailing.

I have to add that this our site has arrived with an XM-L2 and an XM-L.

Its size content as I’ve already mentioned adapts perfectly to the hand. The manufacturer indicates that the dimensions of the SA04 is 11.95 X 4.3 X 4.0 in the Tail head, and its weight without batteries 208 grams, totally real data as I have seen myself.

As we have already mentioned it is powered by 4 AA batteries, arranged in settings 2S2P.Compartment batteries, docks, and the rotating system of plug tail in which a couple of pins fit into the body and then turning the CAP until the end of the thread without batteries rub. All of this was done without the slightest problem or setback. The marking engraving figure both inside the body and Cap.

To turn on the our site only have to press the power button for half a second. This is located at the bottom of it. Our site illuminates with the same configuration that was turned off. Once connected. We appreciate that touch screen turns on. In it you can see reflected the brand of our site, current intensity through each level bars (in the image would be to a minimum), battery charging status, and the function MODE.

First thing you are going to go through your head is to test the dimming of the touch screen. It must be said that it is “somewhat” vague at the beginning of its use and sometimes slow reaction, to the point that should be press and hold at least one second prior to raise or lower the intensity. This must be added that it is true that a few minutes you get used and is a joy to be able to adjust the intensity as you want. It has 17 levels of regulation. We must also comment that touch screen turns off a few seconds does not work, and so you re-enable should do a press cut on the M button, located above the Power button. The Lantern has a locking system to avoid unwanted ignition.

The second step is to learn how to use the built-in RGB LEDs. It is as simple as pressing the MODE function on the touch screen. The order of colors follows the pattern of RGB (red, green and blue). If you press on the touch screen Mode function activates a strobe between the colors Blue and red, with which we are sure that stood beside a road you can see as you city all vehicles to the maximum permitted speed. Colors LEDs do not have a very high luminosity… That Yes, play with them at all times.

Finally, one of the most interesting features in my opinion that offers this our site is to choose at every moment that light temperature you prefer, within the margins that it allows you to. By pressing and holding the power button, the touch screen is modified and only appears a scale. If we regulate it to a minimum we will have a very cold light, if we regulate it to the maximum, we will have a very warm light. It is question of regulating it to our liking.

Like this gets the SA04?. Many people do not know this feature of this lamp, have noticed when he saw the image of the two LEDs which was shown previously. In the specific case of this unit, XM-L2 led is a very cold tone and the XM-L is a very warm tone. If you put it in one or another extreme only turns on the led that corresponds. If regulate it each led you will contribute a specific percentage of light.

I would say that the SA04 is a very inundador character our site. The brand itself determines the maximum range in 280 meters. In a way that was measured for this test, in which the sides there are bars of irrigation by what can be references distances with accuracy, I have come to see up to 230 meters. (I will try to post images if I get to the photos with a minimum of quality). On the other hand while walking you can appreciate that you is a our site with a very wide light output angle. In fact draw a strange, but very effective beam that shines light by opening many meters sideways, and very close to the headlight. Then I show you images of the projection, which by the way varies depending on the level of temperature from projected light. When it is in tones is more inundadora.

Compared to a Tiny II 18650 DQG mode low, medium and high (La SA04 put more or less to the eye, because it has that kind of Regulation). The image on the left is the Imalent.


It is a compact our site that fits in the hand of fable, with its two buttons and the touch screen. Illuminates very well. But the most remarkable thing and I think that what the difference from the others, at least in my opinion, is to regulate the intensity of light and color.

As aspects to improve to be a super linterna, as it should be closest to the lumens Announces, RGB LEDs should be something more pontentes, and somewhat more flexible touch screen.