Review: Hp Slatebook X2 Tablet

HP has diversified its product line with several devices that have some differential. Most importantly, the manufacturer has left the comfort zone, leaving notebooks a little behind the scenes and betting on tablets.

Recently, for example, we tested Slate 7 , a user-focused tablet that is looking for a ground-level Android. Another device that passed through our hands was the Envy X2 , model with netbook functionality that comes with Windows 8.

Now the company presents us with a tablet that promises to be one of the best in the market. The Slatebook X2 is a high performance gadget that brings together the best of both worlds. Running the Android operating system, this HP promises great experience for apps with touch screen command and also for tasks that require keyboard and mouse.

The idea is good, but that is not always enough. Are the results presented by the product satisfactory? We run a series of benchmarks and exhaust the potential of the device to see if it can be your day-to-day companion.


Benchmark Results


AnTuTu Benchmark 4


GFX Benchmark-T-Rex HD(Offscreen)


You’ll be drooling.

It is not today that HP is recognized by the design of their devices and with the Slatebook X2 is no different. We can say that it is impossible not to fall in love with the visual of the product. Following the trend we have already seen in other company products, this model has smooth curves and impresses by the combination of dark colors.

Os botões de comando(volume e power) ficam na parte traseira. Ao redor do display, há muito espaço que garante uma pegada firme e evita que seus dedos atrapalhem a visualização do conteúdo.

Below the tablet there are connections for the power cord, to expand the storage and to connect headphones. When attaching the tablet to the base, we have a netbook full of style and functionality. It is very easy to fit it and remove it. There is a lock that indicates if it is properly positioned, which also serves to remove the tablet safely.

When turned into a computer, the Slatebook X2 gains even more functionality. On the right, you will find an HDMI connection that ensures playback of videos on external screens. On the left side of the product we have a USB port. You can connect pendrives, external mice and other gadgets.

The Slatebook X2 keyboard is a bit tight for those who use full-size notebooks, but it takes just a few minutes to get accustomed. It has shortcuts to the main functions including volume, brightness, multimedia, WiFi, search, screen capture, switching between apps, home and the back key.

The good part about having a hybrid is that you do not need to use Android just with the touch screen commands. With the mouse, you can have full control over the apps. The touchpad is not very large but perfectly suited for all activities.

A real computer!

The hardware of the Slatebook X2 is amazing. The processor is a NVIDIA Tegra 4 quad-core clocked at 1.8 GHz. It is power to spare to manage Android and run any apps. Of course, the GPU is a GeForce, which is robust enough to run the latest games.

In the benchmarks, the tablet showed excellent results, being among the best of today. At the time of the game, we had no problem running Asphalt 8 with advanced graphics, RoboCop, NEW 3 and other very recent titles.

All games and apps look perfect on the 10-inch screen with Full HD resolution. The brightness level of the display is excellent, the colors are very eye catching and there are no content distortions when viewing the images at obtuse angles. The responses to the touch are perfect.

The sound of the Slatebook X2 is of good quality. The speakers are installed on the tablet and provide good sound for games and videos. Equalization is satisfactory, but it is clear that bass is limited. Who knows, additional audio components in the base could help.

HP Quality Seal

To avoid consumer disruption, HP kept Android in its pure form. I mean, there is one or the other adjustment, but the interface is intact. This means that the processor does not run useless apps and maintains focus on the system.

In addition, the company has put some useful programs to explore files, connect the product with HP printers and run multimedia files. The HP camera software is the same as the standard so it does not make much difference.

In the settings menu, there are options that guarantee improvements. HP Cool Control adjusts hardware to avoid high temperatures. Another useful option is the CPU setting. You can set up for high performance, frame rate limitation or maximum power savings. This last setting is ideal for times when the battery level is low.

Almost infinite battery

Slatebook X2 batteries surprised us. As it has two batteries, we did two tests to evaluate how much is consumed of each during the activities. Our verification consisted of playing a high definition video via YouTube.

The WiFi adapter was obviously on, the processor was set up for high performance and the screen brightness level was set to 50%. Result: The internal battery has a battery life of up to 7 hours and the external battery can provide up to 5 hours and 30 minutes of additional power. Yes, it’s 12 hours in total!

The best thing is that when connected to the base, it uses external power, ensuring that the tablet’s power component is fully charged for when you need mobility. Certainly, it is one of the best tablets on the market in this area.


Cameras only for the basics

Although it is a gadget that comes to compete with the most robust on the market, the Slatebook X2 does not have very good lenses. The main camera gadget is not the best and does not come with flash. It records images and videos in Full HD.

The photographs are reasonable and serve only for basic records. Autofocus works fine, but it is not ideal for very close objects. The front camera, as usual, serves well for videoconferencing.

Another problem that may bother is the high processor temperature during game play. It is possible to feel the heat after a few minutes of play, but it does not disturb much, because the hottest area is not near the region where we hold the device. You can work around the problem with HP Cool Control a little.

worth it

In the end, the HP Slatebook X2 came as a surprise to us. There is no doubt that it is one of the best tablets that have passed through our hands. A high quality product with good hardware features and refined design. When used as a computer, it offers a comfortable and satisfying experience.

The installed batteries guarantee great results, the screen is very good and the sound is pleasant. The 16 GB internal storage is enough for many games, but you can expand the space with a micro SD card.

The product is available in online stores for values ​​ranging from 1,500 to 1,600 reais. For this amount, this is one of the best tablets you can get today. Weighing just 607 grams, it’s ideal for carrying around. Even when attached to the base, the product is still very light.

Compared with competitors, we can say that the value is very fair, since you have a device that serves both as a tablet and netbook and usually has superior features and performance. Congratulations to HP, who got the idea right! Surely it’s worth getting the Slatebook X2!

This product has been assigned for review by HP .