Retro Style Bathroom Ideas

Anchor the bathroom in his time while preserving the original character of the space!

Thoughtful and scrupulous renovation work were able to restore all its splendor to this small bathroom located in a House dating back to the 1930s. Under the eye of Emmanuel and Odile, the owners of the premises, the interior decorator Céline Pansieri has succeeded in transforming this old-fashioned in a space aesthetic, ergonomic and functional bathroom . Redesigned with taste in a retro style, the room becomes a privileged place where it is good to take time to take care of yourself.

Area: 6 m²
Budget: € 6,000

Bathroom shabby way candy box

Front: Sad face and pale colors, difficult to realize the potential of this bathroom so much decoration is outdated. Furniture lighthouse of the bathroom – bath and sink on column – drowning in pink and black mural earthenware and tiles in pink mosaic tarnished by ages. Result, the room choking and seems to start closer than it actually is.

A bathroom to the charm of the past

After: Here, no change in the layout of the room. The initial Setup remained the same. To offer the couple a bathroom warm and in tune with the times, Céline Pansieri chose to combine materials. On the ground, rose mosaic has been replaced in favor of sublime cement tiles made to measure. With their pretty graphics, they set the tone for the décor, create a playful visual effect in the room and fits perfectly with the washbasin in the column of origin, subway tiles and carved wooden wall decoration. With its nice bevelled corners, subway tiles now dress the walls of the tub of elegant and timeless way.

To resurrect the retro style, the interior decorator has chosen to install furniture not dedicated to the bathroom, such the console its neo, carved wooden wall decoration and the stool. These have been chosen to anchor the play in his time while preserving the remains of the 1930s. Colours, Céline Pansieri preferred a fairly soft and neutral colored harmony with as base the blue gray, with taupe and Brown. Flowers of cottons and accessories put a Fermata at this refined setting transformed into a place of life cozy.