Renew Your Dining Room Tablecloth and Napkins

Renew the decoration of the House is usually an exercise as expensive as satisfactory. However, we have already seen on other occasions how the renewal of some details can give a new look to a room without having to spend a lot of money. Today I want to share with you tablecloths you have more liked of the collections that have drawn the marks for the spring/summer of 2011.

We started by Zara Home innovations and their tablecloths with retro prints that you love me. Tablecloth you leading the post is the model camomile and costs 35,99 150 x 150 cm version. Of course, sold with napkins apart but it may be a good bet for a table both indoor and to enjoy the first meal in the garden.

In Habitat have a collection of geometric and bi-color placemats model Gala being held in various colors. In which you have on these lines you can see how are, in white, black or pink cherry. They cost 35 euros with game party napkins.

Could not do a compilation of tablecloths not to mention one of my favorite decoration shops, A Loja do Gato Preto, where they have a wide variety of fun with naive drawings textiles along with other more serious. As you have guessed, I am fan of the fun as you have on these lines with 140 x 140 cm and 14.9 euros price margaritas.

As I always say, investing in a mantel can be a good opportunity for change the appearance of a stay without having to resort to big spending. In fact, there are some that are reversible and are worth two-sided.