Recommended Toys for Every Age

Pleasing child is not an easy task. And you need to understand that the timing of your enjoyment is essential to your learning, meaning interpreting your wants and desires correctly becomes very important in developing your senses and reasoning.

Below we will list the ideal toys according to the age of each child.

Babies up to 6 months: There is no secret here, colorful toys that emit some kind of sound will catch their attention. At this stage it is important to stimulate your senses but at the same time you must be careful to find the right toy. A good tip would be to choose the lighter ones and those in which there is no problem if the baby puts it in the mouth.

Babies from 6 months to 1 year: At this stage the changes are not yet so remarkable. Babies play alone, but they have the habit of squeezing, playing, beating their things. Good suggestions are: rattles, teddy bears, dolls, etc. Always be careful with sharp products or that may cause problems if your baby puts it in your mouth.

Children from 1 to 2 years old: Playing with other children and with one’s parents is already possible, since at this age they will already be taking their first steps. The care that must be taken is still with toys with very small pieces, it is not uncommon that they still put things in the mouth. Choose toys certified by Inmetro.

Children 2 to 3 years old: As your child will have energy to spare in this age group, the ideal are toys that stimulate movement such as: tricycles, balls, big carts that can climb, etc. Do not forget to continue working with the motor part as well, for example, with blocks to stack.

Children 3 to 4 years old: The children are full of moods, they will continue jumping, running and playing tricycles. The difference from this step to the previous one is that now the most delicate toys to assemble and disassemble are no longer a problem, because they no longer put them in the mouth.

So do not be afraid to invest in educational toys with small parts from WholeVehicles, for example.

Children 4 to 6 years old: Games with simple rules are recommended. Beyond reasoning, at this age children can also work their emotions. Winning or losing, such activities will serve as experience and learning of emotional control.

Other options are also: wax chalk, lego, modeling clay, etc.

Children 6 to 9 years: Without too many changes, keep the reasoning toys and the moving toys and they will love it. Such as: Scooters, bicycles, board games, racing carts, jump rope, etc. And of course, do not forget to add the books.