Qualcomm: Mobile Phone Display with 2,560 X 1,440 Pixels

Qualcomm has shown for the first time his 5.1-inch mirasol display with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. In addition to the Smart phone screen, the CPU manufacturer presented also a smart watch with a 1.6-inch large display.
Qualcomm boasts at SID display week in Vancouver. Also on the Homepage the hardware giant presented mirasol display venturing into new regions of the resolution. The resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels at only 5.1 inch ppi is a pixel density of 557. For comparison, the HTC one 471 reached ppi with a full-HD display.

Mini display with 600 x 600 pixels

In addition to the Smart phone display, also a 1.6 inch small smart watch display shows Qualcomm at the fair. The small screen for smart watches resolves also impressive 600 x 600 pixels. According to Qualcomm, both displays are located in the prototype State and should, once completed, will be sold to interested manufacturers.

What’s behind the mirasol display

Mirasol is a display technology developed by Qualcomm, which is suitable for smart phones and E-book reader. Although the mirasol technology produces not so strong to color images like an OLED, but she has very low power. Because for E-book reader thought a mirasol display only when image change requires energy. No power supply is carried out in static image.
CHIP online says:
It is of course questionable whether we need really more pixels for display sizes up to 5 inches. The mirasol technology is interesting mainly due to their efficiency. Because static image consumes no battery, mirasol might enormously increase the maturities of smart phones. For smart watches, the screen must be constantly enabled, technology would also particularly well suited.   (bh)