Qualcomm Gets Fully in The Development of a Mobile Android

One of the major manufacturers among the telcos is Qualcomm, well known for promoting and developing the technology for networks CDMA, used in the U.S. by the operator Verizon. Apple turned to its chipset to implement it on their iPhone/iPad and so you can work on these networks. They have recently developed the processor Snapdragon of dual-core and today we have seen as the new HTC Pyramid It will take you within its bowels, making it a true dark beast from the Android catalog. Now Qualcomm have decided to release a mobile one whole piece, but only for developers.

Each day there are more companies that decide to start to develop products for the Android platform, proof of this is the exponential growth that is being seen in all countries while other brands most consecrated and with more years begin to lose ground.

Perhaps for this reason Qualcomm It has decided that it is time to take action on the matter and contribute their ideas to the platform Android. With your processor Snapdragon of dual-core 1.2 GHz they are ahead of the competition. Will add the GPU Adreno 220, all dressed with 1GB of RAM. Adds to the list their 2 cameras, where is the back nothing less than 13Mpx, almost nothing.

In the sound section is where they will mark the note. It includes 4 microphones and 2 stereo speakers that have developed in collaboration with SRS Labs to provide you with a 3D Surround sound, something that will impress in games.

Admittedly, this mobile have presented to the press is an experimental model, which will not be available, Since only handed to developers interested in working on their new roles. Proof of this is the archaic finish and its obsolete batteries. It is loaded with Android 2.3 but the Market because does not have the certification of Google, obviously being a prototype, that is, a model to develop and not take to the street.

I think the integration of this new sound system is the reason that this prototype is only distributed to developers, so they exploit these new capabilities focused sound, would mark a standard and become the benchmark to follow.

In the following video, in English, 3D Surround audio functionality can be briefly.

And nothing more to add, that I am personally pleased that another of the telcos get involved with Android and reveals that this platform is growing more and more every day, someone doubts?