Pull & Bear Dress Up The Team Aspar for 2010 Season

These are of the news sure surprised more than one when you read it. I often read all your comments and the truth is that you are just those who profess admiration or at least some respect towards the Pull and Bear. I admit that he is a business-oriented firm to sell to dress (but first and foremost, sell) but there everything you take out it is tacky, boring, tacky and choni I think there is a step.

The proof is in Pull & Bear designed a dedicated line that consists of a series of t-shirts, Polo shirts and pants, which is wear, track, crew and pilots Héctor Barberá, Mike di Meglio, Julián Simon, Nico Terol and Bradley Smith, team Aspar, in its three categories: 125, Moto2 and MotoGP, for the 2010 season.

News that pleasantly surprises because it is not a firm that used to work this way with companies, events or other associations and no doubt will put you in good place. The collection itself has no commercial interest for us (at the moment) since it’s a selection of garments designed for the 2010 motorcycle season and It will not be available in Pull and Bear stores.

But time to time, we already know that these things in the end have just come to light and certainly within a few months will be sold with them. It’s t-shirts and polos, in yellow colours, red and blue, slippers, trousers, sweatshirts and jackets that will be all the team. And in addition, as we can see in the photo, bikes will be named ‘Pull and Bear’ printed on them. Certainly a great honour.

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