Pull and Bear: T-Shirts for The Summer

If there is something we can not take on face to Pull and Bear It is a continuous effort to bring new things to market: more designs to colorful, patterned very jovial and priced more than affordable. The t-shirts is one of its strong points to this summer and therefore have been proposed to get each month a collection, either thematic or not, of different designs that cater to the market.

So you wanted to present some of their models, in particular five of them, with a few illustrations by a young emerging artist: Alexandre Reverdin. This is another of their maximum support to young artists which, at times, even given the honor of designing any of the models that will be sold next month in stores.

This time the reasons that make t-shirts are varied and do not follow any common line: animals, objects, disfigured faces and futuristic motifs, that Yes, all of them are seasoned with very pop touches that are reminiscent of the paintings of Roy Lichtenstein or Andy Warhol.

See complete gallery» Pull and Bear: t-shirts for the summer (6 photos)

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