Pull and Bear Just Denim!: This Summer Put Jeans All Your Looks

It will certainly be for you a well known campaign If you have not followed regularly, because already we told you about it some time ago in Mensencia, but we finally have all the images in one of the most strong and regular campaigns of This season of the Pull and Bear Despite the fact that we are already getting full in the summer, it can serve us to choose or take an idea for an impromptu holiday look.

Pull and Bear message is clear: put denim on every aspect of your life. To achieve such purpose alone can do two things: or that we are equal in each and every one of the occasions that we put forward, either offer a range of possibilities to combine broad which allows us to choose, according to which cases, a garment or another and thus get looks more informal or otherwise with more class (within what a cowboy allows us to, that where there is no cannot be removed).

Therefore the collection has not only broken cowboy, but it has them on each and every one of the various forms that the Cowboys can offer: Baggy, Loose fit, Boot Cut… (we explain the difference between each of them in this post and I talked about how to combine them to get the maximum performance), but I also have with Bermuda denim, pants, jackets and even style denim shirts.A strong commitment to this fabric that combines perfectly with all types of footwear and t-shirts, but that is more difficult when it comes to include it in a more formal and sober set. Everything is playing with the Americans and shirts (ties, bow ties or shoes can help), take imagination and above all be clear that a cowboy may never replace a suit Pant but, sometimes, the occasion allows more casual looks, inside the tag, which the cowboy can meet Marvel. For those cases, take a look to see if it is worth to you something of the new collection of the Pull and Bear: Just Denim!

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