Puerto Rico Security Cameras

Retrieve your home security

Keep your family and your belongings safe

In recent times, has become essential to have with alarm in Puerto Rico. Crime is on the rise, and having home security has become a necessity.

We know that you want to keep to their own insurance, and be prepared should not be a luxury. According to computergees, many companies have taken advantage of the need and make inaccessible prices security cameras , they have become costly and difficult to acquire, but this should not be so. No doubt know that can find them the best security cameras in Mersan Security. We have the latest technology. We provide a security system , no contract, no monthly fees and no deposits. Our prices are very reasonable and conform to your pocket. Our priority is always the safety and peace in your home.

Because we adjust to your needs, we have a wide variety of surveillance cameras and different packages and guide you to choose which suits you. Similarly, we have high-tech so you can monitor and control your security system from your mobile phone, Tablet or computer. One of our basic packages of security alarms is: 4 or 8 cameras bullet or dome, 1 4 or 8 channel DVR , 1 hard disk 500 gb (up to one month of support), 8 or 16 Video balut or BNC, Mouse , and remote control(to control DVR), Coaxial Cable or UTP. All of the above already installed, programmed and directed to your cell phone, computer, or Tablet. We also have even larger packages, if desired. We will advise you and we will find the ideal monitoring system for you and yours. You can be at peace, knowing that the safety of his family and home is in good hands. Call today and move with the experts, free of charge.