Project Ara: Print Your Smartphone with 3D Technology

Motorola has previously published their “Project Ara” which should make it possible for users to design their own smartphone.

Motorola Mobility rates in the future will offer smartphones that can be editted and designed according to the individual user wants. It is also in this context that Motorola has launched the project “Project Ara”.

In “Project Ara” 3D printing will come to play an important role. In the past, it has only been publicly known that they gambled on the users themselves to create their own phones-according to its own wishes and needs. It writes our site.

Future generations of Motorola phones can therefore also come to consist of several parts printed in 3D. Motorola Mobility has just entered into an agreement with 3D Systems, which is a print company, there is a long way in the development of printing technologies.

What “Project Ara” will offer, it will only time will tell. But the plan is that it is an “open platform”, where Motorola invites everyone interested to produce compatible modules for the phone.