Prepares 1,500 Euros to Meet The G5 with Their LG LG Friends

Finally come to light the European prices of LG Friends, Add-ins that will make the LG G5 an almost modular phone, an experience changing for each user depending on your needs, your tastes and, above all, your pocket. Because, in the absence of knowing how much it costs the most interesting of all, the bot rolling, presented at the Mobile World Congress already contains more than slope the terminal itself.

I liked the potential of the proposal when he gave because it give the user the option to build your own smartphone opened the door to reorient spending personally. But, for that, it was necessary to begin with a more or less affordable source and then add amounts acceptable with each expansion. And it is just the opposite of what has happened.

The launch of the LG G5 price is 699 euros, i.e. full price of a high-end, more or less the same as his predecessor had. Within the current price system is balanced with its rivals on Android. And if you buy ahead of time, before March 31st, you can get a couple of LG Friends of gift.

The Friends of the G5 LG LG price

From United Kingdom becomes the official price of four of the Friends LG presented at the Mobile World Congress, all less than an extra battery and the bot rolling. Among the four added a 620 pounds, we’ll see how are rounding, but change is 785 euros.

On 8 April are released the two inserts, subjection to the take better photographs LG Cam Plus and high-fidelity sound system LG Hi-Fi Plus (with B & O Play). The first sale by 69 pounds and the second for 149 pounds.

Yet to date are the other two, the 360 VR headset to see all 360 video and camera to record wherever you choose for those glasses, LG 360 Cam. In the British Isles for 199 pounds each, so you have to expect that it will be above the 200 euros in the rest of the continent.

A few days ago also appeared in United States the prices of the of the two internal modules, the first two we have seen and the additional battery. There it will cost about $33, so we can expect it around 30 or 35 euros in Europe. If we add it to the original figure we’re already going above the 800 euros.

LG G5, mobile of 1,500 euros

In conclusion, to get home LG G5 with three internal friends is to spend around 300 euros more that the round figure of 1,000 euros is reached. And, if we also put the two external to record and see the world in 360 you have to put another 500 more. They are already 1,500 euros and we still lack the robot, which will be the most expensive of all.

The South Korean company has not taken into account reduce the initial cost as a strategy to attract users and then remove the rest by add-ins. On the contrary, all and each one of the elements has a cost premium, from the first to the last, so it is a continuation of its initial position. It is your strategy.

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