Pokemon Go Requires Many Permissions, Yes, But None of The Other World

With the popularity of any new service or game ever becomes popular scrutiny. Watch you with magnifying glass in search of his virtues and, how not, also of its flaws. Something bad must have, and is usually, although frequently the facts are exaggerated.

In the case of Pokémon Go, success at this point, it is undeniable. The game as such is not available yet in all countries, but it is basically the only thing that is spoken throughout the world. And with the popularity get you the drawbacks: If yesterday we did echo of the APK from Pokémon Go with possible gift, then came another wave: Pokémon Go had access to all your Google account.

After the initial shock, the nuances have been clarified. Niantic, the developer of Pokémon Go and Google startup has made clear that full access to Google account is, in fact, a bug that will be fixed as soon as possible, and that affects only the version of iOS. The upholstered items with privacy and Pokémon Go Web, the damage was already done. Other voices have also risen to criticize the much of the game permits on Android, but is it really so?

Pokémon Go need these permissions

Well let’s see what permissions you really need Pokémon Go on Android. That Yes, the official version available at Google Play, and not the modified version with Trojan that requires more permissions as you discussed.

  • Integrated shopping: the permit explains himself. It is necessary to make purchases within the game (0.99 to 99.99 EUR)
  • Search accounts on the device: To start playing you need to register with your Google account or one of the coaches Club Pokemon. This permission allows the application find your Google accounts on your device.
  • Contacts: This looks like the case of a permit “for the future”. By now Pokémon Go does not allow you to add friends from your contacts, but this is without a doubt a function coming soon.
  • Accurate and approximate location: Although it should be fairly obvious to an augmented reality game, there are still people who are surprised of this permission, probably the most normal. It is necessary to put yourself on the map and record your movements on the hunt for Pokemon.
  • Photos / Multimedia / files and storage: These permissions are quite common in games for tasks such as load images to use as avatars, load the game data or record progress, among other functions.
  • Camera: Other permission which in this case is justified, but which nonetheless leaves scare us whenever we see it. Pokémon Go uses the device camera to show you the pokemon in the “real world” and is one of the main pillars of both play and augmented reality.
  • Receive data from the Internet: Necessary for the game, let us remember, is completely online.
  • Vibration control: It doesn’t mean that the game will you change the settings of the mobile, but it can make the device vibrate when the game required (to draw your attention, normally).
  • Link with Bluetooth devices and access settings Bluetooth: required to connect with the bracelet Pokémon Go Plus, attachment to capture Pokémon while you’re on the street in automatic mode.
  • Full access to the network: Similar to the previous one to receive data from the Internet. It is an online game, so it needs to communicate with the network continuously.
  • Use the device account: Need to connect with your Google account
  • View network connections: It is used so that the game can determine what type of connection are connected, if it is WiFi or data, usually with the idea of limiting the discharge of large packages when you do not have WiFi.
  • Keep the device in standby mode: This permission can affect your battery life, but don’t worry, does not mean that the game will keep your device always on, but it has the possibility of doing it temporarily if you are doing any task how to download data in second flat or similar.

Are too many?

After reviewing the above list, there are really only a permission that does not effect right now, the of Search contacts accounts. It is not either a crazy permit, being one of the most eagerly awaited Pokemon Go functions and with the precedent of similar function in another Nintendo game for mobile phones: Miitomo.

In any case, to know if really Pokémon Go passed the permits or not, we are going to compare it with other games there out on Google Play. To simplify the comparison, instead of going one by one, we are going to Add the total number of paragraphs of each.

  • Pokémon Go: 18 permits
  • Miitomo: 13 permissions
  • Ingress: 23 permits
  • Final Fantasy VII: 9 permits
  • Slither.IO: 11 permissions
  • Clash Royale: 13 permissions
  • Piano 2 Tiles: 25 permits
  • Pou: 12 permits
  • My Talking Tom: 13 permissions
  • Asked: 18 permits
  • Facebook: 46 permits
  • Twitter: 29 permits
  • WhatsApp: 40 permits

In summary, we can say that Pokémon Go is somewhat above the average, Although the numbers are slightly inflated because of the permissions to access the Bluetooth and those derived from using the Google account in the game. In any case, in the end the choice is yours, if you don’t agree with any of the sections, the easiest is uninstall the game and find other entertainment.