Pokemon GO Receives Its First Update, So You Can Download It

Pokemon GO It has become the game of the year, millions of players are hunting Pokemon in the world, while officially the game has only been in United States, Australia and New Zealand.

While other countries look forward to Pokemon GO You can download officially from Google Play and App Store we see as the game of Niantic and Pokémon Company receives its first update, in the case of Android update to the version 0.29.2 and to update our game we need to do it manually.

Pokemon GO 0.29.2

The best way to upgrade Pokemon GO is from the site of confidence APK Mirror, already have available the APK from the new version ready for download and install. It is as follows:

  • Download Pokemon GO 0.29.2


  • Compatibility with Android N.
  • Coaches will not have to re-enter your username and password when after logout.
  • Improved the stability of the process of Pokémon Trainer Club login.
  • Solved some problems that caused the closure of the game.

Pokemon GO, so is the game

Pokemon GO It will be available worldwide very soon. Niantic and Pokémon Company had to delay its worldwide release by the unexpected success that has had the game, which hit the market within hours came to saturate the companies servers.