Pokemon Go Already Accumulated More Than 10 Million of Downloads in Google Play

While many countries are still waiting for the official launch, Pokémon Go still conquering users the length and breadth of the planet and every day that passes strengthens its position as game of the year. The latest figures make it clear that it of out on the street to catch Pokemon like, and how.

The game was released exactly one week ago and has already become a phenomenon social forward in downloads to apps as popular as Tinder and generating headlines of the most bizarre, like the girl who found a corpse while trying to capture a water Pokemon. Pokémon Go continues to rise as the foam and has already passed the barrier of the ten million downloads only in Google Play.

If you look in the section additional information of Pokémon Go on Google Play, the Android store already shows the label more than ten million downloads, which is said soon, but they are calculated that there are many more. As mentioned, the game has been released in some countries and we are still waiting for their global deployment. In addition, the downloads on Google Play they do not include facilities from APK packages, so this figure is multiplied when it is available for all.

According to the Sensor Tower firm, dedicated to track applications in the United States, Pokémon Go already has accumulated more than 7.5 million downloads in the U.S. by adding Android and iOS and is generating an income of 1.6 million dollars a day just in iOS. Clash Royale, one of the most popular games of the time, generates around $350,000 a day, four times less than the success of Nintendo and Niantic.

As if it were little Pokémon Go now has overcome major social apps in time. Players spend an average of 43 minutes hunting Pokemons, while apps like Instagram or WhatsApp is left behind with 30 and 25 minutes respectively. Snapchat follows them with almost 23 minutes of use and Facebook Messenger is going to tail with less than 13 minutes. The success of Pokémon Go is unquestionable, now remains to be seen if it manages to stay on time.