Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum

These two games were the first pokemon games for Nintendo DS.  The character can  choose 3 starting pokemons
– Piplup ( do    kind    Water ).
– Chimchar ( do    kind    Fire ).
– Turtwig ( from    kind    Grass ).

If you choose the chimchar will have difficulty in the first insignia because the opponent’s pokemon are of the stone type, the fire has disadvantage against the stone so I advise the Piplup because the water type is advantageous against water.

In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl you will only be able to capture the legendary pokemon of the game ( Dialga    or    Palkia ) and Giratina while in pokemon platinum you will be able to capture the dialect and palkia, so I think it is better to buy platinum pokemon than this game has better graphics than Pearl and Diamond, I suggest this team/team. Pokemon for these three fashion jewelry.

-Empoleon ( the    Last    evolution    of    Piplup )

-Luxray ( the    Last    evolution    of    Shinx )

–Roserade ( the    Last    evolution    of    Budew )

-Gengar    Last    evolution    of    Gastly )

-Rapidash    Last    evolution    gives    Ponyta )

-Staraptor    Last    evolution    of    Starly )

This was the team / team I used for these respective games,

When it is to capture the giratina you should use the dusk ball or the quick ball or the master ball.

The dialga or palkia must use an ultra ball or master ball.

That’s how I captured these three legendary pokemons.

When you finish the Pokémon league, one of the villages on an island

will be unlocked, but for you to unlock the remaining two, you have to

finish / complete the Pokédex of the game after that IRAS win the

pokeradar and the pokédex national, there is a pokemon that is not in

the Grams / herbs that will be missing in pokédex is the first evolution

of drifllom that balloon little purple to obtelo you will have to go to

the valley windworks to the foot of the village of floaroma, after

completing the pokédex go to the lab of Professor Rowan and you will get

the pokédex national and thus You will have access to the two remaining


You guys have already heard of Arceus he may be capturing in the pokemon diamond, Pearl, platinum by event.

I hope you have been useful in this game.

Thank you