Plus Size Lacoste Tennis Look

Know your Lacoste? The “high end” sports brand first have been relevant for the sport of tennis. Because the founder, RenĂ© Lacoste, a tennis legend’s of the 20 th century have been.

A series of events in his life is the naming and logo, as we know it today. In the course of his career, he was nicknamed the Aligator, which ultimately resulted in the logo of the crocodile.

His fashion career began with the invention of the deally Polo shirts, which should give more freedom of movement the tennis players at the game: L. 12.12
L. 12.12. is the for the famous Lacoste Polo shirts, and Yes, the code has of course a meaning 🙂 2 for the kuirzĂ€rmlige variant, and 12 for the 12.te pattern, which has become the final pattern synonymous with Lacoste, the 1 for the novel pique fabric, L.

Well, back to me. I’m no tennis, and yet I like Lacoste 🙂 as a child, I remember that I had a beautiful set of Polishirt and rock and when I wanted to put it on, I always asked for the shirt with the crocodile.

I have shoes, perfumes, bags and shirts by Lacoste and I would have even more if there was more for me. With denGrĂ¶ĂŸen it is cause there so a 😉

I then saw this plus size dress Dorothy Perkins, I immediately thought of a sporty look in the style of a tennis player. And since I’ve been an appointment to meet with a super love photography student, Jenni and I should dress as striking, I thought that today’s combination would make pretty good 😀

As you can see, I prefer to sit instead of playing on the lawn, so let’s keep it that way and now I send you lots of greetings to