Plus Size Halloween Costumes

Is an invitation to a Halloween party with friends or even maybe you hostess and allows friends to the horror night a? In two weeks, on October 31 to November 1, is Halloween. Time so thought to to make the costumes plus size Halloween. Ghost-creative, original panels, creepy masks and colors, plays of light and hollowed-out pumpkin heads are typical of the Festival.

But first some empty Empire to the popular, unusual Halloweenbrauchtum or the costume party.

The origin of the “night of horror” Halloween

Did you know that the folk tradition comes originally from the Catholic Ireland ? The Irish immigrants in the United States brought with them the halloween costums and continued it. Thus developed a large and important folk festival in the United States.

In recent years is the Halloween party of more popular also in Germany.

Why pumpkin on Halloween?

The custom to set up pumpkins to the Halloweenfest comes from Ireland. Jack Oldfield lived according to a legend, the villain. This caught the devil through a list and wanted to release only him, if he would get Jack O henceforth no longer in the way. After Jack’s death, he came because his actions not in the sky, but also in the hell Jack was not allowed to of course, because he had betrayed the hell Yes. But the devil had pity on himself and gave him a turnip and a glowing coal to Jack through the darkness could wander. The origin of the illuminated pumpkin was therefore actually a lighted beet, but since there were pumpkins in large quantities in the United States, you carved a pumpkin instead. This pumpkin was known as Jack O’Lantern. “To deter evil spirits cut faces in pumpkins, which illuminated the courtyard in front of the House.” -© Wikipedia, interesting facts about Halloween.

Plus size Halloween costumes online

The selection is not huge though, but you can find the one or other Halloween costume on the Internet in a couple of online shops.

The online shops with plus size Halloween costumes:

WOW inspirations: Plus size Halloween costumes – stylish and beautiful

  • torrid: These two costumes are my favorites: Acostume with a WOW effect and matching witches Hat and the lovely dress in black red-green and sweet skull. The face paint is managed just tip.

Fashion fashionable plus size costumes yourself

May it yet not soo hard, a Halloween costume even to make, or you? I found a page for you, which can help you be creative.

Have fun! And let me know if and what was the result.