PlayStation 4 Let Loose in Denmark

PlayStation 4 has finally landed in Denmark-in a boyish bouquet of bacon burgers and Colas-burps.

The PlayStation 4 is ‘For The Gamers’ puts Sony emphatically thick line under at yesterday’s launch event. Seven years after his predecessor introduction was expectations also turned up for the breaking point — and they were fulfilled. PS4 is the recommended not console ever.

Bacon burgers and Colas-burp
In the Locomotive workshop’s concrete backdrop, with flashing lights and pulsating hip hop drop, says gamers from Denmark’s four corners and toiling away in Dualshock’en. The food pyramid was banished for awhile and cola, beer, chips, burgers and matadormix formed the menu. Sony hit play on the emotions of the people-through the stomach.

“This is for the Gamers”-the slogan embossed scenes, and Sony would obviously pay tribute to the culture around their popular console. Denmark’s most faithful Playstation fan was therefore voted, and thanks to his inexhaustible Playstation-knowledge, he won ownership of Denmark’s first PlayStation 4-flown in by helicopter and gently flavored with half a year’s worth of games and cola. To anyone’s envy among the about being fans.

Understandable enough. PlayStation 4 is ten times more powerful than the aging Playstation 3. It therefore offers impressive graphics and more complex games. The user interface is implemented, the social aspect is embedded deep into the console and it has become much easier to share the game experiences with friends and family.

Finally delivered Fishy crisp beats, and the lucky gamers could return for their trial run by, among others, Battlefield 4 and Assassin’s Creed IV, as some of the first in Denmark. It was a good night for the internal drengerøv, for whom the PlayStation 4 is a decent roommate.

Congestion in the gaming environment
In the bus after the launch event, the mood was sated and excited. For those fans who pre-ordered got in time was not meeting with the PlayStation 4 a fleeting knowledge of the amount of tilgengælige, Playstations, on this page of Christmas Eve, is extremely limited. In front of the Gamestop at fisketorvet in Copenhagen had camperende fans also created traffic jams, to tilranne up some of the few konsoler, like Sony has set aside for Denmark

Major electronics dealers that Elgiganten has therefore also fans to arm themselves with patience, for the PlayStation 4 will be only awarded dripping shown, and will in fact only be to obtain a time in 2014.