Pierced Ear: Jewelry Models Pain Care

Body modification is the use of tattoos or piercings, for example, is increasingly common, especially among young people. Seeking to differentiate from the rest of the crowd or simply express your style and personality, more and more people are becoming adepts of body modifications, among which is the pierced ear.

The pierced ear serves different styles and tastes, from those looking for something more simple to those looking for something more extreme. Before making a piercing, however, we need to assess variables such as their own health, piercing the effects in your life and in your social life, beyond the care you should take. Read more here.

Piercing Types in Ear

After deciding that a pierced ear are what you really want is time to decide which part of the ear is made. At such times, it is important that parties with more cartilage are firmer and difficult to stuck, leading to increased pain.

Whatever the chosen place for piercing the ear, however, is essential to the procedure in an appropriate place, with trained professionals and with maximum hygiene. Thus, you avoid complications and ensures that leave satisfied.

– Helix

The pierced ear helix type is one of the most common and popular in Brazil, is also known as piercing in the cartilage. This type of piercing consists of one or more perforations in the outer part of the ear, where the fold with the cartilage occurs. In this case fill the whole part mode is called a spiral helix.

Unlike what many people think, this piercing the ear should not be done in pharmacies with automatic drilling machines, but in a piercing studio so that the pressure applied to the ear is correct.

– Transversal

Also known as industrial, the pierced ear cross type consists of two holes in the cartilage area that form a diagonal line between them. Then is used a gem connecting the two holes, as in ring shape with current or arrow-shaped, for example from Listofusnewspapers.com.

– Tragus

The tragus is the region that forms a tab above the earlobe, protecting the ear canal. For this type of piercing the ear is made a hole that runs through all his espesura to be placed jewelry.

– Antitragus

Already antitragus region is exactly what the name suggests, being located immediately in front of the tragus, just above the ear lobe region and resulting in a more painful drilling.

– Smoke

When the ear piercing is placed in the cartilaginous region and just above the tragus is called the type rook. Because it is a thicker region, the perforation is significantly more painful and laborious.

– Snug

Snug, in turn, is the kind of piercing the ear cartilage placed in the portion in front of the ear canal, internal to the helix region. This is also deeper drilling and painful.

– Reamer

Also called gauging, the reamer can be considered a type of piercing the ear and is to create an opening in the earlobe, larger than a normal hole for earrings and can be extended gradually – hence the name.

Care Pierced Ear

Although a relatively simple area to be cared for, the pierced ear runs the risk of suffering from the so-called keloid, which is an enlarged scar that can lead to the need for surgery or even ear deformation. In addition, it contains a lot of ear cartilage region has little blood flow, favoring the appearance of infections and abscesses.

– Specific products

Thus, it is essential to take care of the piercing area with ointments and products to avoid germs and bacteria, in addition to prior careful when drilling. If you are susceptible to keloids it may also be necessary to use ointments for this type of problem.

– Bedtime

Another concern is the time to sleep, being necessary to prevent sleep by pressing the ear that has the piercing in the first weeks. Who already have long hair should be especially careful that the wires do not snag on the pierced ear.

– Gem material

Not least, it is necessary to pay attention to the jewelry to be used, since many people have allergies to metals. Insist made jewelry titanium, surgical steel or 14k gold without nickel, avoiding allergies and reactions to the jewelry.

The pierced ear can be a great form of expression of your taste or personality, changing your look simple or radical. To avoid problems and complications, however, choose a reliable site and take all necessary care after drilling.