Phones with Better Cameras in 2008

This year has been very important for mobile telephony in this aspect, many companies have been updated with telephones with qualities quite closer to their independent counterparts.

Being very respectful with the world of photography, we can say that with some models we can have true 2 in 1, take pictures and make calls from phones with the same device.

If we ask ourselves if these new phones with 8 and 5 megapixel are as good as a good camera with similar characteristics, the answer is no. Phones have the problem of size, you need to crush everything in a relatively small space and this means that there is no place for large sensors and lenses, not to mention a decent Flash which help us in difficult situations.

There are a number of features that bring in Mobile photography special interest, regardless of the quality, we’re talking about devices are always connected, so share our snapshots are becoming increasingly easier.

I have made a review of the terminals that seemed most interesting since this is appreciated by many aspect, first I’ll talk about the 4 phones with best features, that have as common denominator a 8MP sensor, the rest of phones are equipped with 5MP, but for price and performance can also be interesting as our use, I hope not have I left any important contender outside:

Sony Ericsson C905

It is undoubtedly a special, despite being a high-end, with the majority of features covered phone mobile, we are not talking about the type of phone that we would expect taking into account competition, with models that offer more close to the smartphone concept.

The phone has great features, such as Wi-Fi connectivity, an excellent browser, a remarkable autonomy (9 h conversation – 16 days standby), a fully functional GPS or input headphone 3.5 mm. But if there is a paragraph which stand out way is your camera, especially in photographic work.

If you are looking for a phone with a good 8 mega pixel camera, and taking pictures with flash (Xenon) is important, the Sony Ericsson C905 It has no jurisdiction, the interface to handle the camera is also very accomplished. Some characteristics: auto focus, stabilizer in both photography as in video, face detection, zoom digital, or Geo-tagging of photos (GPS).

The software is old school, it is not all bad, since it is intuitive and full, but nothing to do with the touch interfaces of any of his companions. The phone boasts 160 MB expandable via Memory stick (M2).

It would be just tell some negative details such as the inability to record and play back video in higher quality, volume low conversations, or a screen of 2.4 inches (do not touch), smaller than its competition.

It is difficult to create a phone of this range, and more in this prolific year, not enough to be a good phone, as the device is competition have to Excel in many aspects, and in this case we are not so balanced model. Despite this, it is a good alternative for those who do not want a phone with touch screen.

Samsung i8510 INNOV8

We have a smartphone operating system Symbian S60, WiFi connectivity, powerful hardware and not is a Nokia N95, highlighting its 8 mega pixel camera and a 2.8 screen inches (non-touch) with 240 × 320 pixels (perhaps had not been wrong more than resolution).

Its virtues include a good web browser with Flash support, large capacity memory, 8 or 16 GB, autonomy of 8 hours in conversation (13 days standby), has GPS and is a good music player (with connector jack 3.5 mm).

In photographic work, despite its 8 mega pixels, takes photographs of quality media if we compare it with a camera and not surprising in any aspect, perhaps his best side is outdoor photos. Ultimately the results are somewhat above its competitors in this aspect, but improved in low-light photography. The phone allows you to record video of good quality at a resolution of 640 × 480 pixels.

Their weak points are in your keyboard slider, not very well built system, lack of support XviD, though it is just saying that video playback is one of their strengths, and support for new formats can be solved with new software.

In their telephone work, phone meets without stress, the sound in the talks is high, but not all clear that should.

Samsung M8800 Pixon

We have one of the best multimedia devices in the market, only eclipsed by the ubiquitous iPhone, unlike his brother INNOV8, If you have a touch screen, with a simple, attractive and functional user interface.

Your camera is up to in many situations, also with 8 mega pixels, only found in problems with interior photography or low light, due to a poor features flash. Highlight how positive the design and speed of the camera interface. I not forget its capacity of burn DVD resolution quality video (720 x 480 pixels – 30 fps).

It is full of features as the detection of faces or smiles, panoramic photography, macro, white balance, adjust ISO, etc. And a very important facet is the time it takes to process the images, in a couple of seconds compared to the four that his brother INNOV8 takes.

Has a screen of 3.2 inches and resolution 240 × 400 pixels, with excellent image quality, which makes it suitable for playback of video, which together with the support of codecs (MPEG4, WMV, DivX, XviD) available make this an important aspect in the terminal.

Other aspects to comment are the 200MB of internal memory, expandable with microSD card, a USB 2.0 port, and a range of almost 4 hours in conversation (12 days standby).

Its main defects found in the lack of WiFi connectivity and a mediocre web browser, but in general a very complete phone and that almost everything is very good.

LG KC910 Renoir

LG would not be less than Samsung and also has in its range a phone with touch screen, multimedia capabilities and 8 mega pixel camera. But unfortunately a step behind in the final result.

Find a terminal, in comparison with the earlier, slower, less fluid menus, a better web browser, and compatibility with many multimedia formats that are not translated into practice.

We not only find defects in the Renoir, its outward appearance is very got, both in design and construction, also has WiFi connectivity, detail of which is absent his arch rival, the Samsung Pixon.

In their photographic capabilities is also behind in the competition, both in colours and in level of detail, despite having the same 8 mega pixels. It draws attention to the fact of having Xenon flash, but neither meets the expectations.

It’s a full phone in photographic capabilities, has auto focus or manual, stabilizing approach to image, detect faces and smiles, geo-tagging of photos (the phone has GPS), ISO setting, etc. Doesn’t stand out in the quality of video recording (640 x 480 – 30 fps), but if you have a special way to 120 fps (320 × 240).

The screen is touch, with a size of 3 inches and a resolution of 240 × 400 pixels, where there is too much pressure so the system can make us case.

Phone abilities are at a good level, as well as the media, he has 120 MB of internal memory, expandable via microSD/microSDHC.


If you are looking for a complete smartphone with photographic capabilities, the Samsung Innov8 It is a great choice, however if you want one terminal of more specific, with a more camera-oriented interface, with more control over it, and better pictures indoors, the Sony Ericsson C905 It can be your choice.

If you are looking for a phone with touch screen, with a size that allows us a better media playback of content, the choice would be between the LG Renoir and the Samsung Pixon, preferably this last.

While LG has good specifications, in the only ones that get the attention they are in those relating to video, but when it comes to picture quality, the Samsung is the winner, with video recording in DVD quality and a better interface.

Less demanding alternatives

Are there alternatives to the before mentioned phones, perhaps some do not have photographic capabilities their priority, but want a minimum of quality, others looking a lot more affordable phone but with good qualities in this aspect, so I will review briefly some terminals that can be interesting:

LG KF750 Secret

It is as if they had caught the 5MP camera from the Viewty and they had solved a couple of obvious problems presenting your camera with the color and the contrast, so that in the photo section without being sensational meets without problems. A section that if outstanding above average is the recording and playback of video.

The phone itself is somewhat uncomfortable to use, the touch response and the slowness of the system, but not all are negative aspects, its design and materials are very careful, especially from the point of view of the resistance of your screen.

Sony Ericsson C902

The Sony Ericsson C902 moves in a League in which there are too many contenders, and the price can be marked differences in their favor have a slim design and quality materials, one of the best cameras of 5 MP on the market.

The camera features image stabilizer, face detection, new system LED Flash (3 times more potent), macro mode, rotation of the screen based on the acerlerometro, etc. It presents a solid interface aimed at the use of the camera, inherited part of the magnificent K850i, that could easily be in this article.

Against, a reduced size screen (2 inches) for photographic work and poor video recording capabilities.

Nokia N96

The Nokia N96 is equipped with a 5 megapixel camera, he has with Double auto-focus and LED flash, He had not been ill a protective lens cover.

Best of all is the autofocus, works pretty well, another interesting feature is the geo-tagging images using GPS.

The camera interface is the same as the of the N95 8GB, It offers a wide settings, white balance, ISO settings, etc..

As for video recording, the results are pretty good in practice, is able to capture VGA video at 30 fps in MPEG-4 format, you can set the white balance, and different preset modes.

Motorola ZN5
The Chamber of 5MP with Xenon flash It is really fast, turn it on, focus and store is more than one second, he has an interface that is simple but effective, and configurations are typical. Account with a screen of 2.4 inches (240 × 320 pixels).

The picture quality is pretty good, both in detail and in colorful, mostly in light conditions, but when there is no sun, the quality of the photos down considerably, and that it uses a new technology of Kodak It aims to achieve better results in these situations.

Motorola He entered the phone market with camera late, but with the ZN5 has not disappointed, it has a modern design, is suitable for listening to music, its capabilities as phone perfectly, fulfills them counts with WiFi connectivity and its autonomy is very good (10 hours in talk).