PhoenixOS: Another Project to Bring Us a PC Desktop with Android and Multiple Windows

At the beginning of this year we saw how RemixOS sought to gain a foothold among the PCs with Windows and show that Android could also offer a similar experience based on applications, a real multi-view and the feeling of having a multi-tasking like that offered by the Microsoft platform. Also come from China, we have a competitor that aesthetically is very similar to RemixOS and that aims to be an alternative as interesting, his name is PhoenixOS.

PhoenixOS is similar to that he saw some time with RemixOS: bring us all the power of Android – x 86 to computers desktop and thus be able to use an Android that is more oriented to the needs that you have a desktop computer or a laptop. In addition, its creators are also working on bring your ROM to other Android devices as examples the tablets.

Android and the dream of productivity

The project is led by John Xie, a former Microsoft who decided to leave the Redmond company to create what the PhoenixOS consider new developments in conventional computers: an Android optimized for PCs that added some tricks like bar home, a vitamin-enriched notification Center, able to open applications in floating windows and handle everything in a setting that reminds us of much other desktop operating systems.

Today, the goal of this team is to make PhoenixOS is compatible with the majority of possible devices and also facilitate the installation so that step is simple. By what we have seen so far, the aim is to get something of a RemixOS: deliver a tool allowing to create a compatible Installer (x 86) with a PC either to download the ROM for flashearla in a tablet Android (ARM).

So you can see in the dossier, have made an effort that PhoenixOS is the closest thing to a computer: system folders, windows, copy and paste, connection with accessories, file transfer… He paints very well as there are in addition to all apps that Android, its creators say that more than 1.6 million applications are compatible. When we try it, we will leave doubts.

Unlike RemixOS, Phoenix seem to be more focused on software development and not so much to create specific devices to load your operating system. If you want to try it, in architecture ARM is available for the Nexus 7 and 9. X-86 you can install it on more devices, just have to download the zip file and follow the instructions.