Get the Essential Accessories to Include Your Cell Phone

Fight stress by exercising

Have you ever felt this?

A feeling of tiredness that lasts for days or even weeks, pain in the body for no apparent reason, insomnia, lack of concentration in work and studies, frequent headaches and difficulty sleeping. You become extremely irritated and distressed by feeling this way, as such symptoms prevent you from being more productive in work and studies. Continue reading

Ubiquiti Camera – Beauty, Technology and Good Price Together

AirCam Includes:
– Power Over Ethernet Adapter
– AirVision UI and NVR Software
– Installation CD
The line of AirCam H.264 megapixel cameras combine advanced industrial design, powerful performance-leading market with cost-effectiveness. There are a variety of cameras to choose from to optimize specific application deployments. This product is rated for indoor and outdoor use.
With the included AirVision software suite and no monthly fee involved, AirCam is the smartest and most affordable IP camera management system ever. Continue reading

5 Tips for Taking Care of Your Boots in Winter

Some say that the cold makes people more stylish! And that’s true. The men’s boots and women come out of the closet and become key to ride a sleek and stylish. But, at the same time that people get more beautiful and tidy, the boots end up suffering the consequences. See 5 tips for taking care of your boots in the winter. After all, they deserve a special treat. Continue reading

Some Favourite Sports Shoes for Women

Everyone knows that most women are in love with shoes. While they have available models that are restricted to sporting, country and social, they can choose from a multitude of models. But what would be the darlings? To know the answer the Woman tips site did a poll with the netizens and found out what the models that do more success among the chicks. About 100,000 readers voted and chose from your favorite models. Check out below the top 10 footwear more women like and see tips to match each with the outfit and the occasion. Continue reading

Philco 7-Inch Tablet Has Good Price – and Comes with Android 4.0

The price (629 reais) and the operating system are – without a doubt – what draws the most attention in this device.But…

The first thing I did was go straight to the Brazilian site of Philco .I imagined a link leading to a hotsite full of news, but – surprise!I could not find anything about him.If you click on the assistance link you will get a “Britania” page. Continue reading

How to Reduce Your Exposure to Cell Phone Radiation

More and more news comes every day about the health problems caused by cell phone use.  It is not today that there is a struggle between large electronics companies and research centers on how much electromagnetic waves can do bad health. The cell phone itself has toxic chemicals such  as battery and electronic components, but the most dangerous is the emission of electromagnetic waves that are extremely carcinogenic. Continue reading

Misfit Vapor Presented: Waterproof Smart watch with Gps

Misfit is entering the market of Smart watches fully, the Vapor is a round Smart watch Nevertheless certainly for the one or the other interesting. Vapor is the new Misfit watch, which is also mainly designed for fitness and has a few special features. The integrated GPS sensor is certainly a good thing for outdoor sports enthusiasts, and a heart rate monitor is also integrated here. Continue reading

Lenovo Launches Vibe B to Attract those Seeking Cheap Smartphone

Smartphone has 4.5-inch Android screen, 5 MP rear camera and calls the attention by one of the best cost-benefit relations

Lenovo announced the arrival of your new smartphone in the Brazilian market. Christened Vibe B, the Unit seeks to offer compact ergonomic design for the user with the capabilities of Android. The phone comes to consumers as one of the best cost-benefit available, with price recommended R $499. Continue reading