Bet Always the Third Piece of Clothing

Whenever we visualize a suit (call look or outfit, if you prefer) we focus on articles of clothing, footwear and accessories generally stay in the background, it’s not that they don’t mind, quite the contrary, but when we talk about the clothing that comes to mind first are shirts, pants, shirts, jackets, blazers, Bermuda and the like, the rest will arise during the process of choosing and if suiting. Continue reading

13 Plus Size Men’s Fashion Tips

Here at El Hombre  we are always giving fitness tips for the guys to stay in shape. But sometimes, because of the daily rush, we end up skidding on food, forget about exercise-and then, when we realize it, there are the extra pounds in our belly, so easy to win and so hard to lose. Then paint the question: how to dress well being chubby?

If this is your dilemma, today we have assembled the 13 fashion tips for plus size men. Ultimately, the key is to bring balance and shape to your silhouette, with parts that give you an impression that you are “big” instead of “fat.” Continue reading

Pregnant Dresses 2017

It gives yes to continue in fashion during the pregnancy, we selected beautiful models to destroy in this so special moment of its life

All moms know that gestation is not a very easy time to find a clothing that is comfortable, so this is not the best option that pregnant dresses 2017 .

Every year new trends emerge in the fashion world, and if you think you will not find news for pregnant women you are wrong, it has suggestions for pregnant women of all styles. Besides beautiful, they are versatile and fit for many occasions! Continue reading

Double Blouse Step By Step

I know that you, like me, love practicality together with beauty. And that’s exactly why I was born this blouse step by step-sided beautiful to live!

If you look closely, you will see that the blue fabric that I used in this piece was left ball dress that I sewed, Watch this lesson here, and it comes fully against one of our goals – a more sustainable and economic life. This fabric is a rayon, and can be chosen for the two faces of this blouse. Have you thought about cute and unusual combinations that you can sew with this model??? I’m in love just thinking about it. Continue reading

Sets of Teeth Jewelry

You’re the type who thinks the perfect smile is that perfectly aligned and super white boy? UM … so it’s time to review their concepts … well at least as far as a new thing that can change this scenario and that is gaining strength every day, the Sets of bling or grillz. But wait … for those who are not linking the name to the person, grillz is that jewel used in teeth, which although not new in the fashion world, won a little push over with the accession of another famous: Madonna. This species of gold teeth or metal with precious stones, has existed since 2011, brought by rappers, but is already turning craze among women, usually diamonds, gold or silver. Continue reading

Work with Crowns of Frances Jewelry Accessories

Who doesn’t love crowns? Most important symbol of royalty, also represents the power and make the greatest success in visual of women. Here at Frances Jewelry you can abuse the crowns with our accessories. Check out some wonderful options for you bulldoze in looks. Phalanx ring in gold plated Crown rosé the rings […]

Who doesn’t love crowns? Most important symbol of royalty, also represents the power and make the greatest success in visual of women. Here at Frances Jewelry you can abuse the crowns with our accessories. Check out some wonderful options for you bulldoze in looks. Continue reading

Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum

These two games were the first pokemon games for Nintendo DS.  The character can  choose 3 starting pokemons
– Piplup ( do    kind    Water ).
– Chimchar ( do    kind    Fire ).
– Turtwig ( from    kind    Grass ).

If you choose the chimchar will have difficulty in the first insignia because the opponent’s pokemon are of the stone type, the fire has disadvantage against the stone so I advise the Piplup because the water type is advantageous against water. Continue reading

7 Tips Of Male Belts To Buy Online

Belts are the ideal accessories to give the finishing look, your absence causes a certain estrangement in some looks and, in addition, they say a lot about your style and the way you relate to the fashion.

Custom Leather Belt

You can choose the design printed on the leather and have their initials on a metal plate, the fittings are basic and good size. For those who want a custom piece is a good option. Continue reading

Ties: What Are The Most Common Patterns And Prints?

Now that you’ve met the most common types of fabrics for ties came time to stay within the standards and most popular prints and where your use is more appropriate. If you like any model, the link to purchase is just below the photo.

Patterns And Prints For Ties

1-False Flat

Woven plot itself (usually fabric) designs which are according to the incidence of light. Are generally more serious and four parts, making a nice pair with formal attire. Continue reading

Galaxy Gear, the Smartwatch From Samsung

Since Syfy films of 50 years the man imagine creating a watch with the most modern features. In recent times, with technology evolving rapidly, many companies have worked to launch a accessory of this type that at least resembled the image that is already part of the popular imagination, one of them was the Samsung presented last Thursday (10/10) your newest gadget, the Galaxy Gear, with him the brand believes the user will gain freedom because you won’t have to check your smartphone constantly, since both will be connected and the Hi-Tech Watch will bring alerts than is necessary. Continue reading

Android Auto Will Remove Restrictions (At Stop)

Improvements in Google’s April have also come down to one of its lines of work less prolific, Android Auto. The latest version brings two new features that will cheer to some of its users, especially to Spanish speakers in America.

But before, the technical changes. The first guarantees an more reliable connection between the terminal and the vehicle’s system. It should be remembered that, as we explained Alejandro Nieto in its test Android Auto Fund, the first step is to connect two devices through key since it does not allow union using Bluetooth. Continue reading